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Friday, June 15, 2012


Last year our church sent a mission team to Haiti to minister to a Pastor, His family/church, and a group of orphans he took in after the Earthquake.  Their goal last year was to distribute clothes/shoes to the orphans, build these children bunkbeds, and do a VBS for the area children.  Plus they had enough money to buy oil, rice, and beans for widows in the area.

The team is leaving again today for Haiti.  This year, our Pastor wanted to distribute 500 bibles to the folks in Mare Rouge ~ the only person he has ever seen with a Bible down there is the Pastor.  The average family income is $2 a day or less & the cost of a Bible in Haitian Creole is $70.  Pastor Jeff has worked on this project for a year and has found a resource for the Bibles for $5 (and the guy delivered them to the area for FREE).  We raised/collected/prayed over the Bible collection and they will be distributing 674 Bibles this week.  Please join us in praying these Bibles will be received by folks who want to read God's Word (& not just folks that want it because you are giving away something).  They are also taking tracts in creole with key bible passages listed, school books & supplies for the church school, clothes/shoes/undergarments for the orphans and more.

And the big news week they are on schedule to start drilling the well.  Our Pastor and others should be able to see this happening!

Please join us in praying for traveling safety, good health and safety while there, for the witch doctors and their voodoo to be silenced, for strength and endurance for the team while they minister to the folks.  This is a rough trip ~ little electricity, outhouses, lots of walking and climbing. 

Here are a couple of pictures from last years trip.....

HAPPY children over new beds

mattresses were ordered and the team will see them this trip

typical kitchen

blue barrel to collect rainwater

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  1. Will add this mission trip to my prayer list. Wonderful work being done. God bless!


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