Thursday, June 14, 2012

Bathroom Redo

Our master bath was a confusing room.  Who would purposefully carpet a bathroom?  And why red carpet?  Doesn't make any sense to me, especially from a cleanliness stand point.  The only advantage we found was it was warm on the feet in the cooler months ~ here in Miss. that would normally only be some of Nov, and the months Dec. - the end of Feb.  

I've always wanted to get rid of it.  Our overflowing, flooding the bathroom "throne" took care of the decision making process for us.  The carpet HAD to go ~ we could not get it dry and the smell was "dead fish" as Amy said.  James & Will got the carpet, and padding ripped up.  Then Greg & Will went to work...

same carpet in our bedroom, bath, and closet

doesn't exactly match my bed quilt (but one day the carpet will be replaced!)

Old Wall & cabinet color ~ beige

what was under the carpet ~ really old linoleum

Now ~ bright blue walls & crisp white cabinets

Part of our lighthouse collection on the counter

LOVE the oyster shell looking tile we found!

Greg's box for his daily stuff ~ vitamins, deodorant, razor, etc.

The vase on back of toilet is full of sand dollars we found about 4 years ago in Florida

glass bowl of sand & shells

we found this at Big Lots ~ fits the theme and was inexpensive

beautiful tile
Our redo started out with just the floor and I was happy with that.  Greg decided we needed to redo the whole thing and he wanted a beach theme.  That was exciting!  We already had all the paint to use and all the cross stitch pictures and all the lighthouses ~ just had to gather them from around the house.  We bought the tile, a new bath rug, cabinet knobs, vase & glass bowl (40% off at Hobby Lobby), quarter round for the floor, Gregs little box and red buoy.

Next I would like to get some new bath towels ~ but that can wait a little while!  

We love the way it turned out.

And am thrilled to not have carpet in there!


  1. So lovely! There's always the silver lining.

  2. Looks fantastic!!

    And, no offense, but now you won't have little sewing threads all over the red carpet. You sew too much to keep red carpet clean - you need neutral! No one wants to vacuum everyday!

    Tell your guys they did a great job!

  3. Really nice, love the theme!!

  4. Nice, I like it, the floor is really nice

  5. It looks great, Donna! Y'all did a great job!

  6. Very nice! I want to redo both of our bathrooms very soon - hopefully this summer!


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