Wednesday, June 13, 2012


So after being off facebook for months, Greg and I got back on.  This time we combined accounts, which means we are both on the same one.  Some of the same problems still exist that were on there before.  People are asking nosey questions, some are intentionally rude and blunt, and others are just too  dense for words.  I am trying to ignore most of it.

But it does make me wonder ~ why do people put stuff on there to cause trouble, pick a fight, be confrontational, etc.  Are they like that in real life?  Well, yes some are.  I have yet to find anything in the Bible that tells us to be rude, troublemakers, blunt, hateful, etc. But  Gods word does tell us to be patient, kind, loving, peacemakers, good, & joyful.  Its ok to have a bad day and say somethings you wouldn't normally say, but some folks are doing it every single day.  Maybe they feel safer and more secure dropping these bombs on the computer.

But, there is something really cool I've "found".  Its Pintrest .  Oh my goodness, as if I needed to find more projects to fill my days!  There are some great ideas on there and lots of them have full directions, not just pictures.  There are even some free counted cross stitch patterns and smocking plates.  Then there are wedding ideas (got 6 more single children!), recipes, decorating tips, canning sites, quilting, and baby items galore.  A veritable Crafters Paradise!  Its been quite fun to search out these gems and "pin" them!

So, if you are on there please let me know how to find you.


  1. Hi Donna,
    I know what you mean about the people on Face book.
    I am there only to keep up with family and a few friends.
    I just went to Pintrest and it is taking me a while to get around, not sure about it yet. Sometimes it takes me a while to figure things out.

  2. Hey Donna, welcome to Pinterest. Crafter's paradise is right! I'll look you up.

  3. I love Pinterest too. There's a "P" in the sidebar of my blog. Click it and it should take you to my boards.


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