Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Haven't done a daybook in a while....so here goes!

For today.....

Outside my window ~ very cloudy, wet, got 2 1/2 + inches of rain last night and more is on the way!

I am thinking ~ about difficult situations

I am thankful for ~ safety in the storms last night

From the learning rooms ~ hey, its summertime...Will is working on a gigantic Coke jigsaw puzzle, Amy is enamored with Pintrest and learned how to crochet a granny square last night (I actually taught her!  Thank you inner MaMa)

From the kitchen ~ mashed potatoes, ham. gravy, vegies

I am wearing ~ clothes, sandals

I am creating ~ a gigantic rag quilt, crocheting Granny squares, hand quilting a baby quilt, and machine quilting Mom's b'day quilt

I am going ~ to St. Louis as soon as I get the "I'm in labor" call from Katie

I am reading ~ Foxfire book 2,  Ezekiel

I am praying ~ for difficult family situations and for our churchs Haiti mission team that leaves on Friday

I am hearing ~ chairs squeeking, puppies yapping, fingers typing, cars driving, fans blowing

Around the house ~ all the crafts, gardening, cooking

One of my favorite things ~ finishing projects!

A few things for the rest of the week ~ yard cleanup from storm last night (knocked all our corn flat on the ground), finishing rag quilt, boys are playing paintball with group from our church on Sat., Amy is having some friends over for a late b'day party on Sat., church on Wed. and Sunday, getting ready for trip to St. Louis

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  1. we had hard winds, did yall get any?

  2. I hope you can get everything from the storms cleaned up before more rain comes. Your meal sounds delicious! Yes, finishing projects always brings a measure of satisfaction, doesn't it?

    Thanks for sharing your daybook. Have a blessed week.

  3. Oh yes! And the lightning looked like a strobe light outside.

  4. My daughter and SIL like reading those Foxfire books too. :) Glad to hear you made it through the storms okay!

  5. couple of great books! Sorry to hear that your corn was hit by the storm. I wish though that we could get 2 inches of rain. We are so dry up here. Very excited to hear of your up coming trip to STL. What a wonderful blessing that will be! Can't wait to see pictures of the sweet thing!


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