Thursday, May 31, 2012

Taking a Break

I've gotta take a break from blogging for several days.
We are really busy.

We had keepers all day on Tuesday & then ballet.
Wed. Amy and Will were at the church from 8:30 ~ almost 3 helping set up for Bible school.
Then Amy was back at 5 to practice music for Bible School.
Wed. I was home all day working and watching the guys put in our new door ~ did get some laundry done and 4 loaves of bread baked.
Today is payday ~ AMEN!  And I've got to go grocery shopping.
And do laundry, clean, and iron.
Katie & Bryant will be here around lunchtime.
Granny will be here mid-late afternoon.
Andy & AmyKate will be here tonight or tomorrow.

This is ballet recital weekend for Amy.
And Monday, Amy is getting her hair cut to donate to Pantene Beautiful Locks.
She is ready, its waist length now and by Monday afternoon about 10 inches will be gone.
Friday is a little shopping & ballet recital dress rehersal.
Sat. is ballet & a family barbeque.
And Sat. is the beginning of bible school at church.
I'll have pictures to put on here in the next couple of days.

The bathroom remodel isn't completed.  But its getting there.
After all....."tomorrow is another day"!

Menus (plan right now)
tonight is homemade Vegetable Soup & cornbread
Friday night ~ make your own pizza's
Sat. night ~  barbeque pork, baked beans, salad + dessert


  1. we'll be here when you get back!

  2. Take a deep breath, sister. You've got a lot to do! Sounds like so much fun! I know you can't wait to see Katie. Hug her for us!

  3. Enjoy your break. We all need one at one time or another

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  6. Yeah, I really know how you feel. ;o) This time of year is always so busy. I hope you'll feel refreshed after a break.

  7. Donna,
    Take it easy and rest, I miss you on the NIng Sites....but at least I still have your blog to follow


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