Tuesday, May 29, 2012

I was Inspired!

I love to see new ideas!
I love to have friends who can help me with these new ideas~
many thanks to Jennifer for helping me today at our Keepers meeting!
She was very patient and knowledgeable, both of which I needed!

Last week I saw this crocheted water bottle cozy ~ and LOVED the idea.
So I sent out a plea for help to our Keepers moms & Jennifer responded ~ bless her heart!

Here is the original link that came across my computer...

I so wanted to recreate this....
and today with lots of help ~ I did!

I am sure its got mistakes, but don't point them out to me and burst my excitement bubble!
I made this from variegated cotton yarn, thinking the cotton would absorb the "sweating" bottle better than acrylic yarn.  

(This is actually the 2nd one...the first one, my stitches were way too loose, so I started over and used an "F" size hook for smaller stitches.  I didn't complete the first one, just did about 6 rows.)

Time to make another one!

Ready, set, crochet.....

My inner MaMa is emerging ~ it just took a LONG time with me!


  1. You are just showing off because my inner mom or mama hasn't shown up yet and time is running out. Maybe mine emerged in a different way, I'll be on the lookout. Mom

  2. Looks great! I've seen larger ones, too...for oxygen tanks. You did a great job! Keep rockin' that inner MaMa!


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