Thursday, May 24, 2012

Recognizing Blessings

Blessings come in all shapes and sizes.
Blessings can be expensive or frugal.
Blessings can be given & received.
Blessings are all around us ~ we just don't recognize them most of the time.
Blessings can be shared or kept.

The Bible records many records of the Lords Blessings on His children ~
Here are just a few~

Psalm 106:7-8
Our Fathers, when they were in Egypt, did not consider your wondrous works; they did not remember the abundance of your steadfast love, but rebelled by the sea, at the Red Sea.  Yet He saved them for His name's sake, that He might make known His mighty power. (blessing of life)

Psalm 18:20-21
The Lord dealt with me according to my righteousness; according to the cleanness of my hands He rewarded me.  For I have kept the ways of the Lord, and have not wickedly departed from my God.
(blessing of faithfulness & obedience)

Matthew 6:33
But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.  
 (blessing of His righteousness)

Ephesians 1:3-10
  Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us in Christ with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places, even as he chose us in Him before the foundation of the world, that we should be holy and blameless before Him.  In love he predestined us for adoption as sons through Jesus Christ, according to the purpose of His will, to the praise of His glorious grace, with which he has blessed us in the Beloved.  In Him we have redemption through His blood, the forgiveness of our trespasses, according to the riches of His grace, which he lavished upon us, in all wisdom and insight making known to us the mystery of His will, according to His purpose, which he set forth in Christ as a plan for the fullness of time, to unite all things in Him, things in heaven and things on earth.
(blessings on knowing Christ Jesus as our Lord & Savior, His blood covered all our sins, His grace is lavished upon His children, all was done according to His will and purpose, its all Him and not us but was accomplished for us)

For over a year, I counted my blessings and numbered each one on Mondays ~ these can be found under either Multitude Monday or 1000 Gifts.  Now I would like to continue the list.  As stated then & repeated now ~ some of the blessings could be duplicated (recounted) on the list.  But, most will be blessings we are currently receiving/acknowledging.

So the list continues.....with the Lords grace it will never end!

1151. a bathroom makeover
1152. Amy's love for cooking
1153. Will willingness to help/assist
1154. James pulling the stinky carpet out of the bathroom
1155.  clear pool water
1156. children overcoming fear of the waterslide
1157.  watching Amy & Will love on our friends
1158.  fresh tomatoes
1159.  chocolate cupcakes
1160.  homemade bread
1161. discovering the laundry soap bucket wasn't empty afterall (but it is now)
1162.  healthy, growing chickens
1163.  dollar stores
1164.  long, sunny summer days
1165.  picking the first vegetables from the garden
1166.  hugs & kisses
1167.  our little friend running through the church parking lot to greet Mr. Dreg and Miss Donna
(thanks Ragen!)
1168.  rocking chair cuddles with Sara
1169.  funny puppies learning to walk/hop/skip/slide
1170.  unexpected grocery store sales
1171.  cookouts
1172. lots of fabric ~ the possibilities are endless
1173.  air conditioning
1174. easy breathing (I have asthma)
1175.  Gregs new glasses
1176.  anticipating visits from Mom, Katie, Bryant, Rob, Andy & Amy
1177. many visit with Allen & Jennifer in GA
1178.  fresh cut grass & someone to cut it
1179.  completion of homeschool year #16
1180.  Katie's healthy pregnancy
1181. Anticipation of our first grandchild
1182.  friendly faces
1183.  kind words
1184.  yarn & crochet hooks
1185.  having "too" many projects (much better than nothing to do)
1186.  getting new windows
1187.  Roo cups from Kangaroo gas station (after you buy the cup, summer refills for .25)
1188.  sweet tea
1189.  laundry hanging on the line
1190.  blooming flowers
1191.  vegetable plants growing out of their boxes
1192.  extra yard space
1193. being a homemaker
1194. being Gregs helpmeet
1195.  being a Mom to 7 blessings
1196.  being a "mentor" at times
1197. being the menu planner/meal cooker ~ with help from Amy
1198.  being able to read Gods Holy Word
1199.  being a child of God
1200. freedom to worship the Lord, Jesus Christ 
"I am the Alpha and the Omega," says the Lord God, "who is and who was and who is to come, the Almighty"   Revelation 1:8

 It was very easy to come up with those 50 blessings.  Some cost money and some don't.  Some are gifts I've been given and some I can give.  Blessings are all around us everyday.  Even in tough situations, where you thing nothing good could come of it...there is always a blessing ~ it just may take a while to recognize it.  Seeing the blessings is a conscience effort ~ you do have to look, they may not appear to be blessings at first.  But they are there.

You could start with easy ones...
a pet
cold drink  

Have fun counting!  
And I would love to hear about your blessings!

Oh, the numbers are just a fun counting process ~ it should not be seen in any "level" of importance.  My life as a child of God is much more important, followed by my husband, and family than any of the others listed before or after! 

**Scripture from the ESV Bible version.


  1. Wonderful list! and a great reminder to remember to thank.

    thank you for #1187 - i forgot the cups are out!

  2. Your welcome! This is the first time we've done it!

  3. What a beautiful list of thankfulness! :)


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