Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Garden is Growing, & Soup was cooking

Our garden was great when we left to go to GA 2 weekends ago...I always worry about it while I'm gone ~ I don't know if James if going to water it or is Oreo going to find a way to get over the chicken wire, or is something going to come wipe it all out....all have happened before.  

But not this time...I cannot believe the growth and the general great health of all the plants ~

picked my first 1 1/2 of green beans!

squash anyone?  Today I picked 2 yellow squash!

Tiny cucumbers forming

more tomatoes!
 I've got lots of green tomatoes ~ just waiting for those morsels of yumminess to turn red so I can eat them!  Love, vine ripe, homegrown tomatoes!

check out the size of that cabbage ~ thats a regular, standard size laptop, not a notebook!

Greg's new glasses!
OK, true confessions....I did not grow that cabbage ~ I did buy it at the Farmers Market on Saturday.  The guy was selling these huge things for $4 each ~ how can I pass up that bargain? Thats a 10-12 pound cabbage. It'll make tons of coleslaw.  He said that he had one that was 18 pounds and folks were coming by and getting their picture made with it...then he sold it ~ for $4!  This one will be coleslaw, fried cabbage (Gregs grandmothers recipe) and added to vegetable soup.    What we will do with the rest?  I don't have a clue!

Monday I made this huge pot of chicken noodle soup!  We ate our fill for lunch and then canned 6 quarts for the future.
 I can't give an exact recipe for the chicken noodle soup.  I boiled 4 large chicken breasts and then deboned and cut the pieces up.  I added extra stock to what was in the pan + 2 or 3 cans of cream of chicken, salt, pepper, basil, onion & garlic powders, canned peas and canned carrots.  We cooked 2 boxes of tri color noodles and then added to the soup.  My pot was as full as it could get without overflowing.  It was yummy and I have 6 quarts for future lunches or dinners.

We are about to start a bathroom overhaul.  Our Master bath downstairs had carpeting throughout.  Sunday night, the potty decided to flood on the carpet.  We could not get it dry or get rid of the "dead fish smell"~Amy's description.  James and Will got all the carpet and padding up ~ lets just say, I don't think that was the first flood in there.  We've decided to spruce the whole thing flooring~not carpet, painting the walls and cabinets, replacing the drawer pulls etc.  Greg came up with a beach theme.  We are going with crisp white cabinets, blue walls, and a bleached driftwood color for the floor.  Either a vinyl, wood looking tile or a fake, engineered wood product made for bathrooms.  We've got shells & candles & lighthouses to decorate with already!  Thats our project for the weekend.  I'll take some before pics and then after pics.  Sorry, use your imagination on the red carpet ~ I didn't get a pic of it...couldn't stand the odor. 

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  1. Donna your garden looks great!!! I have a recipe for potato soup that has shredded cabbage in it. I'll have to post that for you.
    Hope that your migraine is gone! Those things will stop you in your tracks. Thankfully, I haven't had one in a long time.

  2. Garden looks great, I went out to check mine after good rains the last too days and it probably was good, atleast Bunny Foofoo thought my green beans were- I have green twigs- healthy green twigs. I've got to figure out something out to keep him or her out!! He doesn't like okra,tomatos, or watermelon, thankfully. I haven't had anything eat the stuff on the hill, maybe the deer have moved. Brenda

  3. I'm glad you said that guy with the glasses was Greg, who knew he could look so intelligent. He will probably get a big raise tomorrow as soon as he gets to work.
    I hope there is chicken soup still left when I get there, looks mighty good.
    I will just let the subject of the red carpet drop. Mom

  4. How exciting! I wish my garden were producing already. But you are a little father south. :) I have to garden in raised beds and containers. My soil here is terrible. That soup looks YUMMY!

  5. Can't wait to see pics of the "new" bathroom!


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