Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Taking Pictures on a Rainy Day

"strawberry pot" with cilantro, basil & oregano

netting stapled on our squash / tomato box to thwart our marauding puppy


Our first ever strawberry sighting ~ hopefully not our last

beginnings of our "vineyard" 3 grape vines!  Since they are so little to stakes will also support tomatoes.

bloom on our new butterfly bush

lots of corn coming up

more tomatoes


potted tomatoes

Thank you Lord for a full rain barrel

White Iris from Greg's grandmother

rainy rose on my bush

thriving tomato

Canning Jar Lotion & Soap holders Greg made me last night!
We are getting some inside stuff done since the weather outside is yucky.
Will is going to drill some drainage holes in 2 cans we are trying potatoes in and my red tomato planters need some more holes too.
I've got lots of seedlings to transplant, but its too soggy outside for that kind of work today.
Yesterday, I got to work on a denim jumper and denim dress that Amy didn't like anymore ~ they are now "new" denim skirts with elastic waistband...which she loves!  I also sewed together a jumper that I smocked and took apart & repaired one of my skirts.

Since today is an inside day, we are getting our laundry done.  We have a couple of craft projects lined up for the afternoon and then onto church for our Wed. Bible Study!

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  1. I like all of your pictures, but especially the rose with the rain drops on it :) I love rainy days...

  2. I wanted to get outside today to but we are getting fog, wind and cold. It's no good trying to plant when you can't see the hand in front of your face. Your pictures look great.

  3. We have twin rain barrels, isn't that sweet? (Kinda hard to get the lid open, but, I guess that's the point, huh?)
    See ya this weekend, Brenda


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