Friday, April 6, 2012


Sometimes life happens when you least expect it ~

*a son calls to say his fiancee broke up with him ~ over the phone
*10 hours later another son calls to say he is having a kidney stone & going to the ER
*fervent prayers are going up to heaven for both
*1 1/2 hours later the Lord answers one of the prayers ~ the kidney stone has passed
*You get ready to send the kids out to cut the yard & a huge storm comes which spawned a tornado 30 minutes from your home.
*You find out the puppy has thwarted your efforts to keep him out of the green beans and dug a hole into the netting and then jumped in to play. 
*You get dear husband to buy a role of chicken wire to wrap the boxes in creating taller walls on the boxes.  So before you leave for your weekend trip ~ you stand in the soaking wet grass to wrap the chicken wire around the boxes and staple it on. 
*You notice that the zip ties on the filter basket for the pool are working great to keep the pump running and now the pool actually looks swimmable instead of like a pond full of scum.
*You have lots of time to smock on the ride to GA. ~ finished one little twin friends dress and started on the other.  They will be 2 years old tomorrow!
*You get to GA with everything you were supposed to remember to bring and then some.

Blessings ~
*open communication & fervent prayer
*the passing of a kidney stone
*A cute puppy ~ in spite of his digging skills (couldn't he pick the middle of the yard instead of the middle of the heirloom green bean plants?)
*A free fix on the pool
*beautiful garden boxes made by husband & son ~ now wrapped in chicken wire
*time to smock
*lots of goodies & surprises for the weekend

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