Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Lots going On!

Its nearing summertime temps here in Miss. already ~ something I am not ready for just quite yet.  Yesterday is reached 94 degrees, on my backporch & in the shade!  The weatherman last night said the high was 85 degrees ~ he needed to check my backporch before he under reported the temperature!

Our pool pump hasn't been working well and we anticipated a large repair bill.  The guys finally made it to our house on Sat.  Jason took the lid off one of the filters, removed the basket (its plastic and it split down the side), and removed some of the leaves clogging the line.  Mr. Marvin told Greg the split basket was most likely the problem and did Greg have any zipties.  Greg went to the workshop to retrieve them, came back, ziptied the 2 sides of the split together in several different places and put the basket back.  The filter is working great!  And the cost was $0000000.  Yippee!  These are the guys who put in our pool, so we got to catch up with them and their families (they had closed their pool installation shop and are working with the other company in town).  Jason and his family went on the mission field to Egypt but had to leave because of the political situation there.  They will be going to language school in June and leaving for China probably in August as missionaries.

My friend "Rie" went with her husband to a plant nursery on Friday that I had never been too.  She told me some of the prices for things on Friday night, so Saturday Greg and I headed over there.  This could become my new "favorite" place!  We bought lots....a tray of 36 tomato plants for $13.99 (great price and I finished planting them all yesterday!), 2 caladiums, 3 marigolds, 2 cilantro, 2 oregano, 1 basil (the herbs are in a small terra cotta "strawberry" pot), 3 crook neck squash, 3 straight neck squash, 2 butterfly bushes, 1 lg. bell pepper, 3 okra, 3 tabasco peppers, & 2 butterfly bushes.  We came home and started planting all the goodies and also planted the 3 grape vines & a peach tree.  Then we headed out to Lowes for some supplies and found some seed potatoes ~ so they are planted also (this is an experiment as we've never done potatoes before). 

My blue barrel that was originally prepared for all strawberry plants now houses about 10 strawberry plants (and we have some berries this year!), and about 5 pea vines have come up.  So I replanted all the extra holes with the heirloom bush bean seeds from Baker Creek Seeds.  The top of the barrel is planted with heirloom carrot seeds and we have little sprouts all over the top.  Amy has planted her sunflowers against the fence, so it'll be fun to see how tall they get!  Along the back fence in 2 rows, we planted corn and its making an appearance now!  Last year mice ate all our corn, hopefully this year we will get some too.  If not, there is always our friend who invites us to come over and glean in his garden!  Our biggest peach tree is absolutely covered in peaches!  Its a beautiful sight! 

My 3x8 ft. raised beds are planted with bush green beans & some climbing green beans, squash, tomatoes, potatoes, and cucumbers.  2 of the boxes are covered with yellow net and stapled on because one of our precious puppies has decided that the boxes are a grand place to dig holes!  I believe that little precious is Oreo who is 4 months old, but I never caught him in the act. 

Our chickens are looking less cutesy and more chickeny!  They are getting bigger and are getting used to the pen.  Rie is going to take our 2 extra chicks, so our coop will be down to 5!  Can't wait till we start getting fresh eggs again! 

Amy and Will did great in the Associational Bible Drill and now both are advancing to the State Drill next week.  In fact, all of the youth and children from our church are going to the State Drill ~ they've worked hard and it all paid off!  They also participated in the DNow weekend (discipleship now) with our church & 3 other churches and had a good time.  On Sat., they went to 12 homes and delivered cases of canned goods to folks who needed some extra help.  I know it blessed the recipients and it also showed all our children how blessed they are.  Learning to give and serve others is an important lesson that will stay with them forever. 

Time to go accomplish something!


  1. Love this post! Wow, you did get a lot at Rivers! Isn't it beautiful there? Makes me long for that green thumb I don't have!

    You made me hungry just reading this! Yeah, I'm not ready for that hot temp either. Gregg and I talked this weekend while planting about what would be the best way to get water to the garden. It's a comin'!

  2. We have 2 rain barrels collecting "free" water. But we will have to use the hose some too.

  3. I'm never ready for hot weather. LOL! Don't like it. You are a very busy lady accomplishing a lot! :)

  4. Life is great, huh? Busy is always good and is doesn't look like you'll have much free time this summer, what with tending all those plants. ;o) I'm sorry about your temps. I don't much like high heat and especially not with all that humidity! So I'm sending lots of sympathy.


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