Friday, March 16, 2012

Proverbs 31

Proverbs 31:27a
She watches over the ways of her household

Have you ever thought about what it means to "watch over the ways of your household"?
Do you know what your household needs to run smoothly?
What makes life more comfortable for those in your household?

In the kitchen ~
Do you have ingredients on hand for your meals for the week?
What about drinks & snacks for your family?
Do you have dishwashing soap, sponges, counter cleaner, etc to keep your kitchen clean?
Towels for dishes or rags for spills?
Do you have enough extra food/drinks for emergencies? (could you continue eating if a tornado took out your local grocery store?)

Do you have jars/lids/rings?
Enough sugar & juice for jelly making?

Propane or charcoal for cooking?
Extra propane or charcoal for emergencies?
food to grill?
Utensils with long handles for grilling? 

Does everyone have clean clothes? (whether you wash them or they do!)
Do they have a sufficient supply of under garments and socks for several days or even a week or two?
Shoes/sandals that fit are look decent?  Shoes for outside chores?
Jackets/sweaters/coats for the season?

Laundry Room
Do you have enough detergent/fabric softener/bleach?
Stain Remover?
A good iron & ironing board?
A plan for who does what and when?

Garden ( if you have one)
A plan for what you want to grow?
Seeds or plants to accomplish this?
Dirt soil for your pots? (Greg says if you buy it, its soil)
Plant food?
A hose/watering can/ water barrel?

Do you keep a supply of tylenol/stomach meds/cold & flu meds on hand?
Bandaids and antiseptic?
Rubbing Alcohol and/or Peroxide?
Triple Antibiotic Ointment and Anti Itch Cream?

 Keeping Busy
puzzles/game books/reading books to avoid boredom?
craft supplies?
& in our home ~ an overabundance of extra craft supplies!
batteries for controllers?
books for ideas?

flashlights & extra batteries?
candles & lighters/matches?
Lanterns and fuel?
extra water and food and medical supplies?
stuff to keep you unbored (at my house if the words "I'm bored" leave a mouth, I will find something that needs to be done ~ a chore.  So I rarely hear that.)

Spiral notebooks/pocket folders/3 ring binders?
School books?
Reference materials?
Time/patience/Love/teachable spirit/cooperation?
Rulers/globes/compasses/hole punch/scissors/copier or access to one?
LOTS of paper...notebook, construction, cardstock, note cards, doodle?

Do each member of your family have a Bible thats suited for them?
Do you have reference material for Biblical History?
Devotion books?
Activities to help with understanding lessons or time periods?
Good preachers/teachers for everyone to listen too?
Tape/CD sets with accurate teaching?
Music? (hymns, spiritual songs, contemporary, instruments or accapela)
Items specifically for children? (mine loved "The Adventures of Oddysey" series and "Veggietales"

Family Time
Games or puzzles?
Family movies or shows?
Popcorn and drinks? Or special treats?

These are just "some" of the ways to look over the ways of your household.  I am sure there are many more and that this will look different for every family.  Will and Greg are really into jigsaw puzzles (especially Will), so we always have one "under construction" and more waiting their turn.  Amy and I craft continuously, we always have a good supply of things to keep us busy!  Our bookshelves are full to overflowing.  

Access your families needs and take care of these first.
Then you can fill in with the fun stuff, like the crafts and treats!

The Lord has given us an awesome responsibility and privilege to be "Keepers of our Homes" or Proverbs 31 women!  And we can accomplish this through His love and guidance, with our husbands support, encouragement, and love, & with our children who can be our strongest critics or biggest cheerleaders. 

Proverbs 31: 10-31



  1. Great list! I had to laugh when I read about if someone said I'm bored you'd give them a chore. That's exactly what I do! My son was home visiting from college and he was looking a little down so I asked him what was wrong. He almost got the words "I'm bored" out but stopped himself and said "oh nothing's wrong. I'm certainly not bored"!
    I've enjoyed looking around your blog. It's a lot of work watching over a home but certainly well worth the effort.

  2. Thanks Patti! My kids have been known to wander into the room and say "I'm.... (quickly look at mom).....going to find something to do!" Mopping the floor, cleaning the potty, or something equally distastful was only doled out a few times before they got the message!

  3. I love being a keeper of the home and it was always my heart's desire. Great post with great tips, Donna.

  4. Love this post! A list is a great way to take the verses and make them your own for your family.

    love you and thanks!


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