Monday, March 19, 2012

Around Our Little Homestead in the City (or Citystead!)

I don't think I blogged about this last week ~ but, James has had a nasty virus that knocked him flat on his backside.  He hasn't worked in 2 weeks, missed 1 week school (last week was spring break), and ended up as a "guest" in our local hospital for  days.  They let him out on Friday night.  We don't know what this is, but know the rest of us don't want it.  He tested negative for everything they could think of.  Now they have sent his blood to other hospitals for more tests for oddball stuff the original hospital couldn't think of.  At least now he can eat without losing it and seems to feel some better.  They've got him on a strong "broad spectrum" antibiotic to kill whatever it is.

Our chickies are growing and getting some real feathers instead of just their downy fluff.  They seem to be quite comfy in their coop with the heat lamp, food and water.  Amy and I put 2 of them down in the grass on Sat. and they sat there frozen ~ not quite knowing what do to.  It was pretty funny to watch.  We've got 7 now (3 went home with the Foys last night).  Hopefully 2 more can find a good home/coop soon.

Greg and Will filled up one of my garden boxes on Sat. and we are going to lay out the string grid for 12 inch squares to plant in. I like the square foot gardening book.  I do have an ulterior motive for the will help keep the puppies out of the box till it fills up with plants.  They also dumped a bunch of leftover from last year bags of cow poo in my cucumber box to build that soil back up.

We bought some tomato plants and some bell pepper plants.  Amy and I planted seeds in our little plastic "green houses" which are on the table outside on the porch.  I have 4 different heirloom tomato plants, cucumbers, squash, and Amy did 2 different sun flowers.  Most are poking their little heads up out of the soil which is always thrilling to watch.  I planted my big blue barrel with peas and some are sprouting up.  I planted carrots in the top of the barrel.  We've got onions and garlic planted.  Greg and Will put in our posts for our grape vines.  They wired them with the leftover wire from electrifying the chicken coop last year.  Now, we will get those three grape vines planted.  We've also got a Granny Smith Apple tree to plant and another blueberry.

Sat. we also started setting up Greg's new workshop area.  We will probably get all the tools moved out of the garage and into their new home.  We labeled lots of plastic shoeboxes and organized his small tools and stacked them on shelves.  We also hung a pegboard wall and filled it with hooks and electrical cords, measuring devises, levels, and some tools.  Much easier to see than on a shelf ~ now to keep it that organized.

Our weather is already very warm - mid 80's the middle of March!  I really think its just a little to early to sweat but working outside is hot work.  The pollen seems to be waning so we can start using the clothesline again soon.  It does keep the heat down in the house.  The pool is full of the tree mess from the big oak tree in the neighbors yard, so we've got to get that cleaned.  Its hard to believe that its almost swimming time again!  I am sure the water is way too cold but that won't deter the kids once the pool is cleaned up.

Greg set a bounty on mice or squirrels.  Amy has made some $$ trapping them.  Then Greg takes them on a little ride and lets them lose many miles from our house.  Maybe we can eat the corn we grow this year instead of the mice and our peaches instead of the squirrels.

Sunday was a great day of Praise and Worship at our church.  Its so nice to have a church home where the Pastor preaches the word and conveys the scriptures meaning & intent.  So many Pastors start with the scripture but then put their own opinions in and start twisting the meaning of the scripture to satisfy what they want it to say.  Its sad really that pastors/churches feel they need to justify their own opinions or preach what people want to hear, and water down the truth.  We are very thankful that our Pastor doesn't pull any punches but he delivers the message.

Looking forward to our busy, productive, warm week here in Mississippi!

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  1. Wow! Sorry to hear about James. But glad to know he is on the mend.
    OUr chicks must be about the same age. Mine are starting to get their true feathers too.
    This weather is amazing! I hope it doesn't mean that our summer is going to be scortching and dry. We have had so much rain though that I can't get into our garden beds.
    We have an outside "barn" cat that keeps our mouse population in control... The squirrels, well, they are as big as she is and we will just have to "live" with them since we live in the woods! LOL!
    I absolutely agree with you about a pastor who teaches the Word as it was intended and not giving their "opinion". I always learn something great because he takes the "entire" scripture and breaks it down! It is awesome!
    Looks to be a busy week at our place too! I hope to at least keep up on blog reading! LOL!

  2. We have a bounty on chipmunks here- the boys call them 'little cups of coffee'! I've got to get my garden in. We spent Friday afternoon and Sat. going pink! Bethany's room looks like bubble yum (or pepto bismol :P) it was nice to have the windows open for ventilation but we had to breaksown yesterday and turn on the ac. Green stuff is everywhere here- did you send it our way? Glad James-ie is better. Brenda

  3. So sorry about James being so sick! Praying he gets better very soon and gets his strength back quick.
    Squirrels like to eat our plums before they are even ripe! Argh!
    Sounds like you are having a very productive time at your place. :)

  4. I'll be praying for James complete recovery...Thank you for sharing :)


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