Thursday, March 15, 2012

Future Homemaker

Of the many homemaking skills Amy is learning, baking is one of her very favorites!
Her Daddy is "willing" to taste her creations so its a win-win situation.
"Willing" as in ~~~ "Hey, Amy, we haven't had any treats lately, why don't you bake something!
They are both "givers" so this works out well.

Here is her latest creation.....

the cake & icing recipes came from her new cookbook ~ we bought when Borders went out of business

Our Baker!
Yummy Chocolate-y goodness in a cupcake wrapper

She made these for our friend Angel's birthday, for our dessert after dinner
We've been looking for a "from scratch" chocolate cake recipe that was really good ~ don't have to look any longer!  She had made the chocolate icing once before for a yellow cake, so we knew it was good.  Now we just have to make sure our kitchen is always stocked with cocoa, plain flour, powdered sugar, etc.  and the addition of sprinkles is always festive!

Some young man is going to be a "blessed" fellow one day, with Amy to take care of his stomach~ we need to start praying he's a choc-o-holic just like she is!

Yesterday I found this blog and this gal posted a Spice Cake recipe.
I've copied it and this will be on our "to try" list for the future!

I love these kinds of recipes because they are made from real ingredients, that most of us already have in our pantry, we can pronounce the ingredients, and know what they are.  So much better and safer for us and our families than cake mixes.  Now, I will be on the quest for a yummy, moist lemon cake recipe!  

Happy Baking & Tasting!


  1. My mouth is watering over those chocolate cupcakes! They were SOOOO good! When you find the lemon cake recipe, you will have to let me be a taster! Lemon is also one of my favorites right next to chocolate.


  2. It is so noble of Greg to encourage Amy in her schoolwork! He's just that kind of guy!! (I'm sure the rest of you don't protest!) The cupcakes so look yummy, Amy! Aunt Brenda prefers yellow cake with chocolate icing.....I'm just sayin'...acutally, that's what Grandma Alice used MaMa (GiGi to you) used to make me a yellow cake with lemon cheese icing (have NO idea why it's called Lemon 'cheese') You have GiGi's recipe, don't you? Love, Aunt Brenda

  3. They look lovely and yummy Amy! Good job!

  4. Wow, what professional looking cupcakes - my frosting always looks a little flat on top and Amy's looks fluffy! I'm very impressed as I am not much of a baker. I just don't like flour between my fingers or dough of any kind. I've tried to get over this, maybe someday I'll rise to Amy's ability. Great job.

  5. Wow! The cupcakes look fabulous and your dear Amy is a beautiful young lady. It's nice when kids get old enough to practice what we've shown them. I printed Missy's cake recipe too. It sounds way too good to miss.

  6. Chocolate cake is what I always requested for my birthday when I was a child...let me rephrase that...chocolate cake is what I've always requested for my birthday. LOL!
    It's so rewarding to see young women taking an interest in real cooking and baking. Amy is a beautiful young lady!

  7. So, from all the comments I will assume that Amy and I aren't the only choc-0-holics! She will be excited to read all these! Thanks for everyone's comments!

  8. My daughter is a baker too. Which is great. Now all I have to do is get her to cook meals.

  9. Go Amy! That was the first book I learned from- the older copy of course! One of the first things I baked was the cinnamon bread which did not get baked until 10 at night due to all the rise times. It made for a nice late night snack in which my family was pleased to stay up and eat. Family make the best fans ever!!

  10. beautiful baker and yummy looking cupcakes:)


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