Saturday, March 3, 2012

Garden Planning

All the garden planning for right now, is happening in my head.  The pollen has started flying in Miss. and Amy & I are sniffling, sneezing, have itchy throats, etc.  So that also means, the clothes are being dried in the dryer and not the clothesline till this junk is done.  I was hoping last nights storms would take care of some of it but it didn't seem to help alot.

Will tilled our onion area this week and a spot by the back fence for Greg to plant corn.
onion bed

We bought another blueberry bush and some strawberry plants last weekend, that will find a home this week.  We've got lots of seeds to "start" for our vegie garden.  We have all the stuff, just haven't done it yet.  Amy has 2 different kinds of sunflowers to grow this summer ~ the birds & the chickens will love the flower heads.  Will and I decided to try cantaloupes, so this will be an interesting experiment.

Our chicken coop is ready for occupants.  Bryant is getting us some buff orppingtons baby chicks this week and we will get them from him next weekend when we go up there.  So they get to "herd" chicks in their apt. for part of the week.  It will be fantastic to have fresh eggs again, starting next fall.  I am going to get some hay to put on the ground since much of it is just dirt.  Greg has double reinforced the bottom section and made it so we can walk in to care for everything and not have to bend over fencing.  Bluebelle's rabbit hutch is in there too ~ so we know the pen is dog proof right now, since they haven't gotten in to mess with her. 

We went to the farm co-op yesterday and found lots of goodies we want.  Amy picked out another Granny Smith apple tree, and we found some grape vines we want.  I've thought about grapes for a couple of years and we found a good spot to plant them.  I would like for our backyard to eventually look like this one....

Except you would need to stick a pool in the middle of it.  Gardening and then swimming is great in the Mississippi heat. Those folks live in Pasadena, CA right next to a 10 lane expressway, they also have chickens, ducks, and goats in their yard.  This is a garden!  Will likes this idea because there is less grass to mow!

Greg and Will worked on a new rain barrel this week and its tucked in the corner of the courtyard in the front ~ makes it convenient to water the trees, azaleas, and hydrandgeas out there.  The bright blue color is a little ummmm, bright & blue but the only folks that come to the front door are salespeople and delivery people ~ so I think it'll be fine.

We've put a birdfeeder right outside the living room window (its hanging from the umbrella over the table). The birds have found it and Amy got some good pictures this week...



  1. Sounds busy, I discovered that one of my blueberries needs replacing and my onion sets are waiting to be 'set'. Billy took the kids to a feed & seed and got them and seeds, we're going to try watermelon. Now I just have to keep the deer out of everything. I might try hair from the barber shop. Maybe then I'll get to eat my okra! Hey, try some of the spray paint formulated for plastic and work on the bright blue rain barrel. (I know they have it at home improvement stores, but they might have it at Michael's, Joanne's or Hobby Lobby- then you could use coupons!!) Love ya, Brenda

  2. I'm not worried about bright and blue ~ you can't see it till your on our front porch. We thought about letting Amy's creativity loose with paint and create. Too cold here today for that and the wind is really blowing.

  3. Amy could have a great time with it. If people can create things with their big round hay bales, why can't you with your rain barrel ? We have a beige square one(you aren't supposed to have one in here) but it's behind the house and blends in. There are even some online that look like rocks (clever but expensive !)Have a blessed Lord's Day! B

  4. I wish we were that close to putting in a garden! I still have 6 weeks before the threat of frost has past. I love the Urban Homestead! I wish we could be just like them! Very exciting! I can't wait for the beautiful spring colors! I am so tired of brown...LOL!


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