Monday, March 5, 2012

Changing of Seasons

We don't normally have 4 seasons like much of the country.  Last year we had a little winter, tiny spring, scorching hot summer, into a mild fall ~ winter skipped us this year.  Now we are right smack~dab in allergy season or spring for you non-sufferers. 

Yesterday I was wiped out.  Got up and went to Sunday School & Church ~~which is always a refreashing blessing.  Then home to chicken salad for lunch and then I crashed on the sofa for hours.  Took kids to choir and crashed again.  Picked them up and watched Amazing Race (while crashed on the sofa).  All my sofa time did yield some productive cross stitch time!

Today we've worked through the suffering (me & Amy).  We hit the great outdoors. Will tilled up the onion bed again ~ all the rain last week really tamped down the dirt.  In that we planted 73 onions starts.  I clipped a bunch of bushy mess out of that corner and filled a trash can.  We also planted 7 \strawberries.  Amy separated all our garlic heads to plant and then she scrubbed the chicken coop getting it ready for the new chickies.  Bryant & Katie picked up the chicks today, so they are chickie sitting for the week in their apartment.

Will stirred up all the algea in the pool, emptied the baskets and turned on the pump.  We've got to get the neighbors tree mess out of the pool.  There is a nice green/yellow film on the top of the water from all the pollen.

Happy Springtime....aaaaachoooooo~

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  1. Ohh, a nice green/yellow pool of pond scum- sounds appealing! We're back to a brief winter interlude, it's supposed to be 26 here tonight. Hopefully my forsythia will be protected by the oak and maple trees. The azaleas have started to bud out, but maybe not enough to be damaged. Have y'all got any tomatos yet? Take your allergy meds! Love, Brenda


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