Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Around the "Citystead" this week

baby green bean plants


'nother tomato

beautiful red chicken coop ~ and we can walk in!

nesting box on back

our "little" ladies ~ they are 4 weeks old now

Bluebelle the fluffy rabbit hopped onto her house to say HI

area Will tilled up yesterday for our grape vines

the asparagus is making a come back~2nd year for the plants

Greg's outdoor kitchen ~ ready for some yummy cookouts

B, B, & B this pic is for you~~~he's as big as Hershey now!

Amy's sunflowers!  Its just about time to plant them in the yard!

More tomatoes ~ these are heirloom seedlings

cucumbers~ their box is ready for the these jewels

azalea blooms

Happy Hydrangea!

My Hostas are making an appearance ~ these started out at my grandmothers, got transplanted to Moms and now I have some!
Our yard is certainly springing to life!  Lots of birds chirping ~ flowers blooming ~ doggies lounging!
And the rain last week knocked a bunch of the yellow/green pollen mess out of the trees ~ that is a huge blessing!  Last weekend I planted corn along the back fence and Amy planted a watermelon plant ~ we are curious to see if we will get a melon!

Happy Spring Y'all!

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  1. Everything is looking good, but I still have to wait to start my garden, still to early.

  2. Hi Donna,
    You guys have been BUSY! Wow! I love all the images. Your heirloom seedlings look great. I can't wait to read about what you are harvesting soon. I love this time of year. Everything is springing to life, renewing us too. Have a great week.


  3. Wish we were warmer here. Would love to have my garden going.

  4. Great photos! How lovely to have a "walk" around your garden.

  5. Everything looks great! Gregg got our garden plowed this week. After 2 years of sitting out the soil looks so much richer. 42 years of a garden in one spot took it's toil (pun intended!)

    We are going to Rivers tomorrow for tomato plants.

    Are you up for a strawberry jelly making day?

  6. Where is Rivers? Do they have other plants? I went to get potatoes yesterday at the co-op but they didn't have any ~ let me know if you find any seed potatoes. YES, I would love to get together and make strawberry jelly ~ I've got a big bag of strawberries in the freezer from the vegie truck at the co-op last fall ~ never used them!

  7. All your little plants look wonderful! I hope they continue to prosper and you can enjoy fresh garden veggies very soon! Wow! Your puppy is so cute ( and so much bigger than when I last say him!) Which puppy is it?

  8. Thats Oreo. He is the only one from the last litter we kept. Friends of mine have the other 3 puppies!

  9. B,B & B said "awwwww, he's so cute!' I think he's cuter than his mommy (but don't tell her!) Are the grape vines out and to the left in the corner? I told the guys today I ought to cultivate the muscadimes that I am currently fighting and see what happens. they have a VERY strong root system, they are trying to climb the blueberries- that's not gonna happen!. Thanks for posting the picture, the kids appreciated it. See ya soon, Brenda


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