Monday, November 7, 2011


It was an awesome weekend and more blessed than I could ever imagine.  In the mail on Friday was my Check from the State Fair ~ after the house was cleaned, we went to the Dollar Store to buy our last couple of items for our Operation Christmas Child Shoeboxes.  After Greg got home, we went to Penns and ate dinner (Chicken on a stick ~ yummy) and then we to Big Lots and Walmart.  Amy was thrilled beyond words when her Daddy put her much long for, strongly hinted about, sewing machine in the cart.  Thank you State Fair money!  Then we headed back to the house to watch "Despicable Me".  The parts we were able to see were great but the DVD was messed up (not a good experience for our 1st Redbox rental. 

On Sat. morning, Greg called Redbox and they gave us 2 free coupon codes for our "trouble".  And told us that Bluray players can be updated for the new software the co. has come out can burn a disc and put it in the player and it will update.  After we moved the player from the bedroom to the living room ~ it updated over our wireless internet connection.  Who knew?

We headed out for our Sat. morning date.  And ran some errands.  That afternoon, Greg and Will had some pool repairs to make to pipes and they got their job accomplished.  Even though we were on the road some, it was a peaceful day.  Amy had fun "playing" with her new toy and trying out different stitches and sewing machine feet.  I expect some really creative projects to come out of our new sewing room.

Sunday was a great morning at church.  I am very thankful the Lord led us to a church where the Pastor preaches from the word of God and doesn't try to fancy it up or sugar coat it.  The kids stayed with other youth after church to eat pizza and make cards for folks who visited during the revival.  So we had an unexpected Sunday lunch date at Sonny's barbeque.  Then it was a long, lazy afternoon at home ~ Greg was reading The Count of Monte Christo and I was cross stitching.  For dinner we had loaded baked potatoes and watched Amazing Race.

We so enjoyed this low key weekend.

Friday, we are headed to St. Louis.....its been 5 1/2 long weeks since I've gotten a Katie hug and I am long overdue one!  Sat. we are going downtown and being tourists with Katie and Bryant & we are going to the Rest. Depot up there and JoAnn's~

The Lord has blessed me with a new project to sew for ~ so I have to get ready!  I've also got a new quilt or 2 floating around in my brain that I would really like to work on, so I need to figure all that out also.

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  1. sounds like a really nice weekend! You will be coming to my area (about 80 miles SW of St. Louis). Hope you have a great time!


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