Friday, November 4, 2011

Around the House

Here is what's going on around our house currently.....

Greg's newest painting ~ which I love!

Chopped Bell Peppers & Cucumbers waiting to be made into Sweet Relish

Canned Black Eyed Peas ~ yummy!

Hand quilting my 1st big project ~ Queen size quilt for our RV bed

Scarecrows ready for Thanksgiving

Cross stitch in my dining room

Mr. Turkey
I am seriously considering the sanity of people who "make" jigsaw puzzles and those who sit there for hours trying to recreate the pictures on their dining room table.  Seems like we are all kinda "tetched" in the head...but its a fun bonding time and if you use scissors & a hammer, the pieces go together easier ~ just kidding, kind of!

Mom found a long, narrow, colorful section of crochet in her basement done by my grandmother.  We have no idea what her original intention for this was...looks like she was just using little bits of leftover yarn.  Mom gave it to me and I finished off the edges and decided to use it on our buffet in the dining room ~ its under the turkey.  My "MaMa" was a super crocheter and did some of her best work while watching Atlanta Braves baseball on tv!  How she could watch the braves, correct the coaching staff through her tv, cheer, crochet and not drop/add/skip stitches is beyond me. Maybe thats how I can cross stitch, keep up a conversation, and watch tv at the same time (?) It was great to find this and be able to find a use for it.

Looking forward to a peaceful, family fun weekend at home.


  1. Looks like a lovely time! My grandmother recently gave me some quilting pieces that my granny (her mother in law) had pieced together in her rocking chair while she was blind. someday I plan to do something with them. Always have a piece of here around! THanks Donna! Hope your weekend goes as planned! :)

  2. Beautiful piece from your MaMa!

    love you, Rie

  3. Sounds like great times around your home. I would love to see your quilting area. The painting is great.

    ~~ Trixi

  4. I always enjoy your posts so much! This is another beautiful one :o)


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