Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Homeschool Field Trip Fun

Hey Katie, this is a log cabin ~ 2 sides are done in white!

Amy is thinking about recreating this quilt using different colors.

LoraBeth, Emily, Amy, KayteeBeth, LauraLee, Vida Jo

Bradley and Will

KB. Laura Beth & friend

Angela, Me, Nancy ~ it wasn't hard to get in the chair but it was tricky to get out!

beautiful stained glass window in the church

Our little Pocahontas friend

Time for school

Green Acres is the place to be!

Thankful for my Modern washer

Greg & Katie didn't seem to think this was appropriate for little baby Cutler!  This Grandma thought it had a vintage "antique" appeal!

Today we visited our Agricultural Museum with part of our homeschool group.  This week celebrates "Mississippi Heritage Days", so there were lots of things to watch and learn about.  The Blacksmith was working, the cotton was "ginning", huge logs were being cut into 2 x 4's, and the kids took it all in!  As you can see in the pictures above...the Moms got in on a little of the fun too.  There were beautiful quilts displayed in the museum and in the working "town" we took a break to drink a cold "drink" and Will got to play a game of checkers with Bradley.  We prayed for our dear friend Rosana in the church, watched our children fold themselves into the small school desks, ate free biscuits & syrup, and had a great morning.

Did you catch our "tiny miracle" news in one of the picture captions.  If not, read them again!


  1. I caught the miracle news, but I already knew! So excited for you, Greg and Katie and Bryant!

  2. Oh, I caught it! Congratulations:) Love the Ag Museum, I remember going all the time when I was a kid and my husband and I were married in that little chapel!


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