Saturday, October 8, 2011


We interrupt our regularly scheduled blogging to "run away from home".  Greg, Amy, Will and I are hitting the road in our RV and will be back next Sat.

We are headed East/Southeast.

Camping in a location we have never been before.

Anticipating yummy food and snacks.

Maybe getting too much sun.

Definately laughing, humming, and singing.

Praising the Lord for this opportunity to spoil our 2 youngest children ( & ourselves) after our frantic 3 months of wedding preparation and fair entry completions.

Happy 2nd week of October!


  1. You deserve a break! Have a great time together! Looking forward to hearing how your exhibits went too.

  2. Have fun! We'll miss y'all!

    love, rie

  3. Did I mention I'm jealous? frantic never stops around here. moving them back in, i'm painting wendy's nursery this week (including mural and dresser), and I have a garage sale saturday.

    please eat some yummy good gooey good chocolate for me! i need it!

    love, rie


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