Monday, October 17, 2011

We are back

Running away from home was great!  I highly recommend it to everyone.  And you don't have to tell anyone where you are going (that was the fun part).  Amy and Will didn't even know where we were headed until the night before we left. 

Their hints were..we were headed east, on the way home we would have to go in a northwest direction, it would be warm, and the biggie ~ we had never been there before!  To which Amy repeatedly said ~ oh man, I was hoping it was Disney.

It was Disney....but we had never been to the Fort Wilderness Campgrounds on the Disney property before  We have now!  I had even managed to sneak upstairs and "spirit away" their Disney shirts, and Amy's earrings & hair scrunchies ~ without getting caught!

We headed out on Sat. and drove as far as Tallahassee where we spent the night.  We made it to Orlando on Sunday afternoon and checked into Fort Wilderness, set up our camping site, and hopped on a bus to Dowtown Disney for dinner and walking around...or should I say shuffling slowly through the ultra crowded shopping areas.  Evidentally, these folks didn't know school should be in session and they should all be home, unless they are homeschoolers!  I'll have to make sure that memo goes out earlier to the world next time.

Monday, we hit Hollywood Studios.
Tuesday, Epcot (the usual attractions plus the month long International Food & Wine Festival ~ yum)
Wed., Magic Kingdom (it looked like the day after Thanksgiving at a mall in there...too crowded, too many whiney little kids, too many grumpy parents, lines that were too long ~ we did manage to have some fun though....very thankful for Fast Passes)
Thursday, Epcot ~ lots more yummy food samples to try in World Showcase

Friday we hit the road again and made it to Pensacola for the night.
Saturday we drove the rest of the way home with a stop by the side of the road to buy sweet potatoes from a farmer and then a farmers market for onions and bell peppers (need to onions and peppers for my pickle relish)

We are thrilled to be home.  We had a great week together (but we were missing our 5th mouseketeer, Katie).  This is the first Disney trip I have made in over 28 years that I didn't "push" anything...either a stroller or wheel chair.  I like having older kids that can go across the park together to get in line for a ride and I don't need to stand there (the buddy system works great).  Prices for food/drinks have jumped way up since we were there 2 years ago.  And the France Pavilion still has the best bakery ~ the chocolate mousse is indescribibly delicious.

this picture if for my nephew Bobby ~ Here is the REAL Lightning McQueen car!

styling in our 3D glasses before the Muppet 3D show

Many more Disney posts to come ~ just wait till you see the pics of the yummy food! 

And I still have many wedding pictures and state fair pictures to put up. 

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