Friday, October 7, 2011

The Ceremony

Here it is...the moment we planned for, crafted for, devoted alot of our free time to, paid for...................

Something old ~ the dress Katie is wearing was her 1st Mom's dress, altered some by my sister and I
Something new ~ her ring, her shoes, earrings (cool story, we were checking our fair stuff in on Friday afternoon and I said something about her wedding being tomorrow.  The guy checking in beside her asked if that was really so, and he GAVE her a pair of earrings to wear!  He makes jewelry and always enters in the fair.  They were beautiful pearl and crystal little dangles!)
Something borrowed ~ she is wearing the diamond necklace Greg gave me
Something blue ~her flowers
And a penny for her shoe (or sixpence) ~ Amy Kate "gave" her the sixpence her mother used on her wedding day and she will use when she marries Andy ~ so this could go in the borrowed category too!

Daddy & his daughter taking that long walk to the groom!

Bryant is singing as Katie & Greg walk down the aisle ~ he did a great job!

Katie's 1st kiss! 

sweet picture
Courtship brought us many unique opportunities to relate to and spend with the groom & his family.  I love the fact they both wore white on their wedding day.  In this day and age, that significance is huge.  Their first kiss as a married couple was their FIRST kiss.  As they were lighting the unity candle, they had a little conversation ~ Bryant was sharing with Katie about her ring ~ it was her first Mom's ring, Greg gave it to him to have the prongs fixed/replaced and a new diamond put in the center.  It also had to be resized.  The ceremony was beautiful.  It did go on longer than we had planned but we know how to adjust/adapt for the next wedding in our family.

Yes, we would do the courtship route again with our 2 younger children.  Its a sweet, innocent, God honoring time in a young couple's life.

And yes, I cried!

My daughter was a beautiful bride.  We shared many special Mom/daughter moments in the 3 months leading up to the big day.  I wouldn't trade any of it!

I love you Katie Lynn!

Now its official, I have 8 sons & 2 daughters.


  1. Thanks for noticing how well I walked Katie down the isle. I've been walking now about 47 years and have gotten used to the balancing act going on between moving my feet. I appreciate the compliment though.

    Love you honey.


  2. Something else about the man who gave me the earrings... He is Joyful the clown and a Presbyterian pastor. :) I love you Momma! Thank you for ALL the beautiful work you did to make it a wonderful time!

    ~Katie Lynn

  3. Truly lovely! I'm so happy for them. Everything looks really beautiful Donna! You deserve a nice, probably too short, break.

  4. I have been having trouble all week posting comments! But I hope this one gets through! What a lovely Ceremony! I have read all week with anticipation building! Thank you for sharing!

  5. Katie and Bryant's story is beautiful from beginning to end. I feel like I watched a fairy tale romance.

    Now, mama, take a break!

    and the ceremony was too lovely to ever be too long!

    love ya, rie


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