Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Its been Busy!

The other day, I was talking with my friend Rie and asked her if she had forgotten how to sign into her blog...she told me that she had blogged that day and the day before.  Hummmm, got me to thinking ~ her blog isn't updating with new posts on my sidebar.  I clicked onto "Just call me Rie" and read all kinds of interesting posts...that I had never seen before.  Blogger is really being weird.  I don't know why everything is updating but hers.  So, I formally apologize for my comments the other day friend!  (I really just missed reading and keeping up with y'all)

We have been very busy.  Wedding plans are moving right along.  I got the buttonholes and buttons done on the little flower girl dresses.  And made 10 pew bows to decorate the ends of the rows for the ceremony.  I've decided instead of doing a large floral arrangement, to decorate the sanctuary with some large ferns, ribbon, and white candles.  The design is in my head ~ hope it translates well into the real thing.

Katie is keeping busy with whatever tasks we come up with.  The invitations are in the envelopes, addressed by our friend Angel, stamped and ready to go!   She is working on some hand quilting projects for fair entries.  Just finished quilting a twin size log cabin quilt and now she is working on a "whole cloth" baby quilt.  Whole cloth means the top isn't pieced, its just one piece of fabric.  She found a really cute baby fabric at Walmart to use for this project.  Amy found one too, so they will both have this new fair entry.

We are completing our 4th week of homeschooling this week.  Everything is going very well.  We are doing a Proverbs study every morning (Proverbs Study Guide by Kevin Swanson), doing ABeka Consumer Math (soooo much better than Algebra in my opinion ~ the kids too), Zoology (for my animal lover), Typing, Spanish and history (using History of the World by Vision Forum as our guide). 

We've been canning lots of goodies.  Peas, black eye peas, soup, dill pickles, tomatoes, green beans, etc.  I would love to rely less on the freezer to preserve some of these goodies.  Sometimes in Miss. the power is less than reliable especially during tornado & hurricane seasons.  Plus canned stuff will be easier to travel with in the RV.  I've got fruit waiting in the freezer, ready to turn into more jelly.  Just gotta find the time to do it. 

Our garden is dying a long, slow, hot death here this summer.  Mice ate our corn, and thats probably whats eating our tomatoes.  The green beans haven't been at all productive.  The cucumbers will look great for a while and then they disappear.  Right now, there are 2 gherkin size cucumbers on the vines, I am praying they ripen and nothing eats them before we get our shot.

Doorbell is ringing....gotta go!

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  1. I'm so glad you posted about Rie's blog ... it isn't updating on my blogger dashboard either.

    I wish I had gotten some things canned this summer, but we didn't even attempt a garden. I am thinking about getting a box of tomatoes and at least getting those canned so that I can make spaghetti this winter!



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