Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Katie's Surprise Bridal Shower

When we started our Keepers at Home group almost 3 years ago...it was with 2 purposes.  
The first was to work on crafts together to enter in the State Fair.
The second was to encourage our girls toward the goal of being Keepers in their own homes when the opportunity presented itself.
Our girls get enough wordly influence to go out, get a job, be your own person, and not nearly enough for being a stay at home wife, mom, Godly woman.

Our first girl is following a path we've dreamed of.  We've talked about this, prayed about this, and studied about this.

Yesterday My Girl...Katie was honored & surprised with a Keepers Bridal Shower.
Many, many thanks to Nancy for planning and carrying this out.

We had a wonderful time with our special friends!  Katie got some great goodies for her new home in Missouri.

Miss Nancy & Katie

wedding ring favors

Will gave Katie a tool box...her own little hammer

towels & hot pad

picture frame cube from Amy

Kaytee Beth wanted to help

Pyrex bowls from Me

hand quilted goodies from Miss Rosana

Lora Beth, Caitlyn, Amber, Emily, Laura Lee, Cheyenne, Vida Jo, Amy, Emmalyn, Izzy, Kaytee Beth, & Katie

beautiful flowers for the shower from Miss Nancy's yard

We had a great time.


  1. How fun! She'll probably miss being part of such a group. I wish Miss Abigail had a group like this. 4-H is wonderful, but it can't duplicate a group with a godly purpose.

  2. How sweet. She got some really nice things but I love the hammer the most! I also have my very own small hammer that is "off limits" to everyone else! Actually my husband used it in the basement once and broke it so he had to buy me a new one!
    Best wishes to Katie for a wonderful marriage. Have you shared the story of how she and her future husband met? Would love to hear the story!
    Married for almost 45 years!


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