Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Missions Saturday

Saturday dawned bright and early.  OK, 7:30 may not be that early for everyone but
for my Saturday it was!
We met at the church parking lot, loaded up in cars and van and took off for Tinsley!
The Pastor was there to greet us.  We saw the list of jobs.  Had a devotional
and got to work.

The girls went out with teams visiting in the community to invite
everyone to a church cookout/open house for that afternoon.

Greg, Will, James, and I started out with the team replacing siding on the 
side of the fellowship hall.  The men ripped off the old siding, and measured for the 
new boards.  Will & I hauled the siding boards to the saw and hammered nails in 
when needed.

Lunchtime was sandwiches, chips, and just about any cookie type you could
think of.  It looked like a Keebler Elf explosion in the fellowship hall.
Lots of gatorade, water, tea, and soft drinks were indulged in.

Then the painting started.  Morgan, Amy, Katie and I started the process
then we were joined by Tyler, Rhett, & Collin.  We got the side of the 
fellowship hall completely painted and then 2 sides of another building.
As you will be able to see from the pictures below, it wasn't all hard work!

The Lord blessed our efforts and every job on the Pastor's List was completed.

Lots of folks showed up for the cookout dinner.  Church members and 
folks from the community.  The burgers and hot dogs were cooked to 
perfection on the grill ~ thanks to Greg & Scott H.  

It was a wonderful day.  

Pastor Jeff & Brother Denny

Go Katie...reach those high places!

Morgan lost the battle of the Paint Roller!

Ryan & Morgan

Now for some fun......
go Will!  Hit that Ball!!!!!

Tyler got a hit!

Mr. Jason is the pitcher

Amy decided it was too hot to play ball.  I agree!

This crowd is hot, tired and hungry! 
Dinner is on the way!
Our grill master, Greg!

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