Monday, April 11, 2011

Multitude Monday 1011-1025

the blessings abound.....

1011.  Our son Rob's  beautiful guitar playing during his Senior Music Recital

1012.  Rob's sweet proposal of marriage right before the end of the recital

1013.  Sarah's acceptance of the proposal!

1014.  Amy's excitement over her birthday tomorrow ~ she will be 15 (gasp)

1015.  Greg's sweet presentation to Amy of her purity ring!  (It was her grandmothers ring and fits her great!)

1016.  safe travels to the concert and back

1017.  meeting Sarah's parents and Amy Kate's parents

1018.  getting our new outdoor kitchen deck completely framed

1019.  planting 2 square foot boxes of green beans

1020.  planting 50+ strawberry plants in our new strawberry barrel

1021.  listening to our Pastor

1022.  finding "new" nuggets of gold in God's word

1023.  Keepers projects

1024.  Mom's who volunteer

1025.  a little time to visit during the meeting

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