Monday, March 28, 2011

Multitude Monday 937-960.


937. lunch date with friend

938.  a girlfriend I can talk to

939.  a daughter wanting to learn how to smock

940.  new fabric

941.  finding the sizes in the pattern I wanted

942.  tax refunds

943.   a son who cheerfully accompanies us to the sewing store

944.  3 dates in one weekend!!!!!

945.  delivering the smocked dresses for my twin friends

946.  babies wobbly first steps

947.  full Sunday School class

948.  rain to wash away some pollen

949.  competed weekend chores

950.  starting a new quilting project  (Log Cabin in red, blue, green yellow)

951.  having the tv off

952.  family discussions

953.  prayer

954.  the Father's incredible love for His children

955.  knowing that we don't deserve HIS love but He loves us anyway

956.  the joy of worshipping together

957.  hymns of praise

958.  Re-consecrating ourselves to the Lord

959.  prayer burdens for the lost

960.  the blessing of Salvation


Beautiful Babies!  You can't tell really well in the pictures, but they are getting red hair just like one of their big brothers!  

Love these babies!

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