Monday, March 7, 2011

Multitude Monday 861-890

The blessings continue.....

861.  family grocery shopping
862.  bunny "dreams"

863.  a tax refund
864.  anticipating a visit

865.  local missions opportunities
866.  medicine that is working

867.  pantry shelves getting full
868.  cake decorating classes for Katie & Amy

869.  completing another smocking project
870.  homemade Nacho's for Sunday lunch

871.  free fries at Chick fil A last week
872.  new sandals (sale + a coupon = happy)

873.  fabric for summer skirts
874.  a "fixed" sewing machine

875.  2 completed butterfly quilt tops (K and A's)

876.  longer days for outdoor fun & work

877.  pattern sale at the fabric store

878.  homemade macaroni & cheese (dinner tonight)

879.  early to bed

880.  watching the Lord touching hearts in church yesterday morning

881.  hearing the Lord speak through his Word

882.  our Pastor's heart

883.  sweet thank you notes

884.  twin friends that will be a year old next month

885.  ooh's & aah's

886.  projects completed without complaints

887.  mulch for our flower beds & trees

888.  fruit trees showing signs of life after winter

889.  our diligent egg producing chickens

890.  starting seeds for tomatoes, cantaloupe, cucumbers, peppers

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