Monday, March 7, 2011

Me, My College Degree + Growing

The following is an essay Katie wrote for College Plus!  This is the college study program she is using for "homeschooling" college.  When the essay opportunity came up ~ we strongly encouraged her to enter because we would get a 10% discount on the enrollment for next year AND because its a good experience and exercise for her.  She far exceeded and passed our expecations.  What we didn't know was her essay could get votes and she could win prizes...if you are on Facebook, please go to the essay contest page, find her essay, and click on the "Like" button!  Happy reading....

Last year my parents and I were praying about where I should go to college. When we heard about CollegePlus! it sounded ideal for the plan that I had. My plan was; I was going to get my driver’s license, a job, and study in my free time. Now, a year later, and I have yet to get either of the before mentioned items. It is not because I am lazy, but because God has changed my heart and I am now growing in His Word. I’ve changed what I want to be when I grow up, and many of my morals and values. This essay won’t be much about earning my degree, but rather, what I have been allowed to do, and how I have grown; because of the blessing of flexibility with CollegePlus!

Within the past year I have been able to do a few amazing things. Nothing that will help all of mankind, but small things that have been added to my weekly routine that have helped me to grow closer to God. Lord willing these activities have, or will, bless others around me for the glory of God. One of which is that I have been asked to / allowed to assist with the children’s Wednesday night Bible study. In doing this I have learned to put what I want to do aside and just be a servant, and how to react quickly when something spills. Working in the children’s ministry, I have made a couple of pretty close relationships with the women that teach the children. They are a wonderful blessing to me. From these two women’s works, I have learned a few things in how to teach, to children, what God’s Word says. That was something that I didn’t know, or want to know, how to teach to kids or anyone else for that matter. Also I have learned to be calm and patient with the children that are put into my care.

Another activity that I have started this past year is Keepers at Home. In keepers we practice skills, crafts, and activities that prepare us to make and run a home; this is supplementary to my mom guiding me in our home. It is not only what our mothers are teaching us to do, but also watching the younger girls, and babies, and guiding them in whatever activity we are doing. I am learning how to gently teach, how to ease the pain of ouches, and keep the brothers from hurting each other. For this group there is a motto verse: “To be discreet, chaste, keepers at home, good, obedient to their own husbands, that the word of God be not blasphemed.” Titus 2:5. This verse, and a few others, has changed my heart to pursue a life of staying at home; serving and obeying my father; and, Lord willing, to serve and obey my future husband.

Throughout the past year, my family and I have become much more active in our church. One thing we do is cook supper for our church family one night a month. This has taught me how to shop, cook, and set up for a large group of people. Doing this has helped me to practice working as a team member, and serving my father in his ministry. Since starting this ministry our family is now asked, or volunteers, for many meal-related activities and fundraisers.

The most important thing that has happened in my life this past year is that I have been growing closer to God, reading and studying His Word much more closely than I have been doing before. He has revealed many aspects of His magnificent glory through His word alone. In addition, my father has started listening to sermons, and got the rest of us to listening to them also. Through many of these sermons I have learned about God’s wonder, mystery, and glory. I have begun praying for some understanding of His word, and His will for the life He blessed me with, to live for Him. I am very thankful for the new things happening in my life, and believe that they are His will.

My first year as a college student has been full of growth, new experiences, and some school work. Despite the growing pains that I have and will encounter; I will continue to follow my Lord and Savior, be educated in book knowledge and the Book knowledge, and will still have much more to learn throughout my life.

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