Thursday, March 3, 2011


I had such an awesome time at sewing today ~ I didn't sew.

The girls got their quilt tops done ~ Katie's need just a touch more work.

I talked with my friend Trixi and her daughters Katherine and Lindsey.  Trixi writes the blog on my sidebar "Making it our home while here."  I met Trixi online ~ gasp!  What is so funny is that she lives pretty close to us and they joined the sewing class the girls are doing.

But today, we talked and talked and talked ~ she did sew some!  We talked about courtship, our daughters, the Lords Will for our children,  how our beliefs have changed, how the Lord is teaching and showing us new things everyday.  And, he is showing our families some of the same things ~ super wonderful!

So, it was a blessing to sit down, chat with a relatively new friend, kid with her daughters, etc.  In fact it was so much fun that Katie quit sewing to join in the conversation. (She did hear her name in several conversations!)  

Thanks for the fun girls!

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