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Katie gets a Proverbs Devotion from her friend Bryant almost everyday.  She then forwards them to Greg and I.  All of the devotions are good and quite a few have fallen into the "Great" category.  The teaching in Proverbs is wise and Godly.  Its a great book to use as your Christian Guidebook for living.  There are 31 chapters in Proverbs, we generally read one chapter everyday corresponding with that day ~ Chapter 5 on the 5th,  Chapter 6 on the 6th, etc.  If you begin to follow that schedule, then throughout the year, you will read the book of Proverbs 12 times.  

The man who writes these devotions, takes one verse from the chapter of the day and elaborates on it, pulling in more scriptures from the rest of the Bible. Some of these, we are forwarding to our older, not living at home boys, to read.  All of them I am saving in a special email folder.

I am going to begin sharing some of these that really mean alot to me and "speak" directly to me.  It could be something I am dealing with that day, something I have be wondering about, an issue I am praying about, etc.  The one I am sharing today was the Proverb devotion for Jan. its about the Proverbs 31 woman.  Lots of great wisdom and virtues to strive for...

Proverbs 31:18
She perceiveth that her merchandise is good: her candle goeth not out by night.
A great woman is confident and driven. King Lemuel’s mother described the perfect woman in detail, so her son would know what to look for in a wife (31:1-2,10-12). The fear of the Lord is the first prerequisite (31:30), and diligence is the most obvious character trait (31:13-31). This proverb identifies a great woman’s confidence and drive.
“She perceiveth that her merchandise is good.” The virtuous woman knows her performance, productivity, and products are good. Her purchase of a field and investment in a vineyard are great ideas (31:16); she is committed to do what it takes to make a success of her income-producing venture (31:17). She is confident of her plan and future.
Humility is not a defeated attitude about abilities. Humility is being strong and confident about plans, because you trust the Lord, not just yourself (Jas 4:13-15). Paul was a humble and meek apostle of the Lord Jesus Christ, but he also declared that he worked harder than the other apostles, by the grace of God (I Cor 15:10; II Cor 11:5; 12:11-12).
Great women are not puffed up about abilities, nor do they brag about accomplishments. Never! But they know they have a good plan, what it takes to get the job done, and that they can do it. This confident and strong approach to domestic and outside-the-home pursuits condemns the fear and weakness of many Christian women (20:4; 22:13; 26:13).
A virtuous woman is a confident and strong woman. Jael is one of the greatest women in the Bible (Jdgs 5:24)! Why? Intimidation, false humility, timidity, and fear are not Christian virtues, no matter how piously they are presented. A skilled and gracious hostess knows when a meal is well prepared. To think otherwise is flagrant slothfulness!
“Her candle goeth not out by night.” The virtuous woman is driven. She knows there is profit in all labor (14:23). She does not waste time talking. Once she settles on a plan, she goes for it! When she has a job to do, she is going to get it done! Extra effort or extra hours do not discourage her! She finishes her projects! She completes her tasks! She is a success, because she will not quit until the goal is achieved! She does not faint!
Of course, this is a proverb. It does not mean she never sleeps, even if the words indicate she works all night long! This is hyperbole – an obvious exaggeration! She puts forth whatever effort is called for to get the job done. She perseveres energetically. But she does not cross the line of reasonable labor, though extreme when compared to the lazy women around her, into that excessive effort that denies the Lord His role (Ps 127:1-2).

Hope you enjoyed it! 

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