Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Daybook ~ Feb. 15

Outside my window ~ beautiful, sunny warm weather ~ 4 days in a row...what a blessing after the frigid, rain temps we've had all winter
I am thinking ~ that as a society, we've been doing church, evangelism, and discipleship all wrong for several generations.  Listening to Voddie Bauchum and specifically his talk on "the Home is the Key".  Its a talk he gave at the Southern Baptist Convention about losing the next generation from Christianity.  I think you can find this at Sermon Audio.com.

I am thankful for ~ phone calls on Valentine's Day, plans for an Allen visit, theology talks and understanding with Greg, Katie, Will, & Amy

From the kitchen ~ sloppy joes & tater tots (we're gonna try making the sloppy joes with the ground venison this time)

From the learning rooms ~ the usual, lots of schoolwork & reading

I am wearing ~ black skirt, striped knit shirt

I am creating ~ working on 23rd Psalm picture (almost finished with 4th block now), pleating & prepping 4 little Bishops to smock for gifts

I am going ~ to savor each day

I am reading ~ 2 Chronicles, and the series of books called the "Caroline Years" about Laura Ingalls mother when she was a little girl, started book 2 last night

I am praying ~ that James dentist appt. goes well at 1 and they can take care of his root canal today, the boy is in pain.

I am hearing ~ an airplane overhead, dogs barking, fingers typing, cars driving

Around the house ~ more crafting, working a little outside in the beautiful weather.  Amy is diligently working on the squirrel trap, to catch some of the little varmints (Greg put a $5 bounty on each one).  We don't want them eating our fruit this year so they will be transported to other counties and released!

One of my favorite things ~ 1/2 price chocolate the day after Valentine's, going to Kroger later!

A few plans for the rest of the week ~ bible study, dance lessons, sewing class, the kids Discipleship Now weekend for church ~ Amy & Will are attending, Katie, Greg & I are cooking the meals for the group.

Pictures to share...

The ladies who supply use with 3-4 eggs a day!
My new kitchen cabinet knobs! 

Amy & Izzy at Keepers yesterday!

2-14-11 first time to hang clothes out this year!

Katie & Chip.  She was trying to fix a bird feeder and he wanted her attention!

Will & our little twin friend Coralea at Keepers yesterday!


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  1. Coralea and Will are very cute!

    And I think the name should be "sloppy does"



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