Friday, February 18, 2011


Several years ago, during one of Mom's visits from GA, I learned she had a Facebook account.  My word, she hadn't had a computer long and she was now on Facebook.....before me!  Kinda weird.

Greg and I decided to set up accounts and its been an interesting ride.

I wanted to find a bunch of folks I went to highschool with, and I did.  But, what I came to realize was ~ they never grew up.  They were still living, partying, carrying on like they were 18 or 19 ~ not adults with grown children and sometimes grandchildren.  And some folks, I just barely remembered.

I have since gone through my friends list twice ( a year ago & today) and chopped a bunch of folks off the list.  And, there is still room for chopping.  
My stay at home, homeschooling, gardening, crafting, etc. lifestyle has been questioned and ridiculed.  I've been told to let my youngest children have more freedom, date, attend public school, do & wear what they want.  I've been subjected to radical, feminist, non-Christian opinions that are quite frankly insulting.  So the delete button was put into use quite liberally today.

I quite frankly have 2 higher authorities in my life.  Greg is my husband and we discuss, pray about, and confer at great lengths about our decisions and our family.  And we are both accountable to the Lord.  When it comes to the end of our time here on earth, we will be the only ones who will stand before the Lord and give an accounting of how we raised our children.
(OK Mom, I really have 3 higher authorities, my mom is a great friend, mom and granny.)

Lots of folks have gotten in trouble and had marriage problems from being on facebook.  They've looked up their "old flames" and not been faithful to their spouse, either in thoughts, or actions, or both.  Greg & I know each others passwords and can log into the other account at any time ~ we are accountable.  If this was a problem, I would drop facebook and want him, Katie, Will and Amy to drop it too.  
Facebook and other social media are becoming a "false friendship", folks are relating online and not in person.  I don't want that in my life ~ another reason for whittling down the list.

It is a great way to keep up with our family in GA & VA and with church friends from the past.
I want to keep it in its place and not let it become an "idol" in my life.


  1. I feel the same way. I have more people "hidden" on my facebook than I follow. I get so frustrated at the ones who never grew up and the ones who think it's ok to criticize me for homeschooling, going to church, etc.

    I'm often torn. I love that fb allows us to stay in touch with family (as we are military and move often) but my goodness! The stuff people put on there sometimes.

    Wishing you a great weekend.

  2. I know what you mean. Our rule for us and our girls is that for the most part we only friend Believers. We have had to friend some family that is not but we also don't friend a lot of them. That's why our friends lists are small. We have a small circle of likemindedness and that's a good thing. A couple of years ago, one of Ronnie's aunts messaged the girls and told them they had so many distant cousins on FB that they weren't friends with. They really didn't respond much but we thought yeah we know. Ha ha
    I do have a couple of highschool acquaintances on my friends list (I think 2) but like you I have nothing in common with any of those people anymore. Basically, I am saying we are very strict on our friends list and because of so have not had a problem but if we do we will cut it off cold turkey!!


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