Saturday, February 19, 2011


Several weeks ago...Babe, Arnold Ziffle &  Wilbur (or pork chop, ham & bacon ~ as James named them) went to that happy hunting ground, a.k.a. the pork factory.  We picked our meat up today and are stocked up on our pork for a while.  The hams and bacon are curing and will be ready to pick up next week.  I've got 20 lb. of sausage, 3 pork loins with ribs, several packs of misc. pieces, lots of pork chops, packs of spare ribs and 3 big roasts. Thats from our portion of 1 1/2 pigs.  We will get the other stuff next week and give some of that to James because he won't take the time to cook the other stuff.  He'll just eat with us when I cook it.  The freezer is full and that such a blessing.

Wonder if he can keep and raise a cow?  Then we would have ground beef too!

  I've only got 12 pounds of ground venison left, so I don't think that will last till next deer hunting season.  We did make Sloppy Joes with the venison and they turned out great.  Greg renamed them Sloppy Does and Amy pointed out they could have been Sloppy Bucks ~ but they were sloppy good.

We are cooking for our churchs Discipleship Now weekend for the teens (oops, I mean young adults).  Last night we served barbequed chicken sandwiches, baked beans, french fries, and brownies ~ it was gobbled up.  The little bit of chicken that was left was mixed with the baked beans and came out again today for lunch.  So lunchtime was the chicken beans, hot dogs/buns, chili (either for chili dogs or in bowls), chips and little Debbie snacks.  Then the leftover beans/chicken and the chili met in the crockpot and are simmering together on low for dinner.  Added to that wonderful concoction will be huge baked potatoes, spiral sliced ham, cheese, sour cream, butter and bacon bits & salad.  There will be some very creative loaded baked potatoes tonight.  Dessert will be King Cake ~ cause it was the cheapest desserts we could find for that many folks at Kroger.  Saturday night update....the barbeque chicken/baked bean/ chili was a HUGE hit ~ they all loved it and there was nothing left to throw away.  Kinda weird but it was a hit.  After cooking for all these folks for 3 meals, I wasn't really hungry.  I ate a bowlful of salad, a baseball size baked potato, and a spoonful of ham.  Greg said this was like cooking for the Duggars x 2.

The chili and the barbeque chicken were leftover and frozen from other Wed. night meals.  So I've coined a new slogan...we are serving ABSO food.  Already Been Served Once.  Pretty catchy name!  Oh, and we are cooking for 40 folks!  Only 1 more meal to go!!!!!  Its really been a blessing how smoothly the preparation and serving has gone.  Praying that tonight is just as easy.

And if anyone is wondering....the crockpot will be emptied into the garbage after tonights meal.  Too bad our pigs aren't around to clean up the leftovers!

Katie decided to help Greg and I cook.  She's been a great help.  We even let her go on our Sat. morning Date this morning!!  Waffles & Bacon at Waffle House ~ yum!

Almost time to go back to the church!  Greg and I were marveling at the unique ministry the Lord has given us ~ food ministry!  Its a good thing we both like to cook!

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