Monday, February 21, 2011

Monday, Monday

Last night, I declared that today was Saturday not Monday!  We were busy all weekend at church and my 2 DNow kids came home exhausted.  We also had a meeting at 4 yesterday for the Haiti Mission Trip that last for 2 hours.  We spent our time last night crashed on the couches and watching the first episode of The Amazing Race.  Its one of our favorite shows (especially when there are folks on there making a political correct statement about their gender preferences).  We like to see all the places they go and all the wild things they have to do.  Most Greg & I would never be able to handle so folks won't be seeing us on the show!

This morning, everyone slept late and then Greg and I treated this just like every other Sat.  We went to grab breakfast and run some errands.  One was for Will's birthday gift, he is the proud owner of a new phone.  The first for him!  Amy is going to get one for her birthday too.  I do like for them to be able to communicate with us wherever they are.  The old phone they shared has a dead battery and now we can't find it (it was my old phone and we just got the number turned to them).  But now they will have a nifty new gadget.  Will is sharing his with Amy till her birthday in April.

Today was perfect weather.  We've hung clothes on the line to dry.  The girls painted on their birdhouses.  Will and Greg pressure washed to porch and deck (what a mess).  Then they went to our Pastors house to till some garden land.  Pastor Jeff has a huge yard and offered us a couple of rows to plant crops.  He let us come and "glean" last year.  We wanted to plant more, so Rie and I are gardening over at his house too.  Then we are going to Can our crops together.  I suggested we do the canning here, so we can set it up outside on Greg's outside cook surface and swim while the jars are getting sealed.  Sounds like a great way to spend that time! 

We've had beautiful 70 Degree weather for over a week.  One day last week it went above 80.  I know the cold weather isn't done yet, and its really gonna be rude when it gets cold again.  Of course, if it stays this way then we will be sweltering plus this summer!

Allen is coming to visit this week!!!!!  He won't be here on Wed. (his birthday) but he will be here on Thursday!  He is coming to visit his buddies, get some work done around here, and of course...hug his mom!  And I will get to meet my grand-puppy.  Rocky is making the trip with Al.  This will be interesting, especially with our 4 legged critters.

My tilling boys just got back home!

Hope everyone's had a great day!


  1. I just got back from the hospital where I spent the beautiful day cooped up. Rather have been outside with y'all planning that garden!

    Delia says cold weather is gone for good. She says spring is here and there is no arguing with her. We shall see!

  2. Your garden plans sounds great. Canning and gardening are my all time favorite things. However, my shelves are starting to get bare, so it is time. Happy Birthday to Will. I am hoping to hold off on the phone thing with Peyton for a little while longer. The girls is enough. Ha ha
    Hope too see you soon.

  3. Hey our family watches Amazing Race too--only 3 of us now. I have great memories of the funny responses they have made to people there. Jason commenting on a guy whose girlfriend blamed him for everything and cried a lot "How do you like hanging around with that trainload of emotional baggage?" Also, Amy naming the skimpy shirts some girls wore "50% off" shirts since they obviously didn't get but half of it.
    Fun to read your life. Miss you and your family.


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