Monday, December 6, 2010

Multitude Monday 701-720

701. 19 Days till CHRISTmas
702.  my beautiful ballerinas
703.  fun "Granny" visits
704.  Beautiful music, especially CHRISTmas music
705.  worshipping our Lord as a family
706.  hearing straight from the scriptures...nothing held back preaching
707.  a pleasant weekend
708.  buying & preparing Christmas gifts for 2 young boys we will never meet
709.  the completion of one huge Christmas production
710.  packing away computer equipment that won't be needed till next year
711.  "doing it all" for the glory of God

Now to switch gears...

712.  attempting, learning and accomplishing a new crochet technique
713.  finding out from a dear friend that my new crochet technique doesn't look quite right
714. re-reading the instructions, following the pictures and finding out she was right
715.  rejoicing in the fact that the new "doing it right this time technique" is so much easier
716.  2 completed coasters
717.  being able to teach Amy how to do the coaster
718.  her completed coaster
719.  Christmas gifts from Mom
720.  Christmas gifts for Mom


1 comment:

  1. I am proud of you for gritting your teeth and sticking with it to learn how to make the coasters. I think you should try a ballerina bun holder next.



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