Saturday, December 4, 2010


Christmas Colors Dishcloth

Variegated colors Drink Coaster
I would love to hear lots and lots of oohs and aahs!  Please!
My dear grandmother "MaMa" crocheted all the time.  She made beautiful afghans, baby sweater sets, ornaments, vests, hair do-dads, etc.  I kind of tried to learn to crochet once or twice from her, but was never very successful.  So I gave it up for cross stitch ~ which I love.
However, when our Keepers group of girls was going to learn to crochet a dishcloth, I was determined to learn with them.  I gritted my teeth and suffered through the first ones I did.  Now,I can make a dishcloth easily.
So, I decided to learn how to make a coaster (there is a coaster set category for the State Fair).  I sat down with Amy's crochet book and started teaching myself yesterday.  I learned the single stitch and did 6 circular rows of it (I was to the teeth gritting stage with the single crochets and all the counting), then the book directions ended so I started improvising.  I added a row of half double crochets and then 2 rows of double crochets.
I am very pleased with the result.  Actually, if I made it a couple of rows bigger ~ it could be a bun cover for Amy's ballet bun.

Can't wait to show Rosana and Angela before church tomorrow!
Next,  I would like to be able to make those little crocheted daisies!

Maybe my "inner Mama" is slowly emerging...about 9 years after she went to live with Jesus!


  1. wow... they look great! And great for you learning something new.

  2. If you made a small scarf and tacked it to the sides, you would have a toilet paper cozzie.

    Just sayin'


  3. What's a toilet paper cozzie? That had to come from Gregg!

    We missed y'all so much Sat. night!

    ooh! aah! They look beautiful! And of course, anything that reminds us of our Grannies is good. All that gritting and suffering keeps your mind sharp!

    Love ya!

  4. Great, I hate it when my tp is cold.

  5. a toilet paper cozzie keeps your spare roll warm while it is waiting its turn. It also serves as the last emergency roll when you've run out in all of the other bathrooms. It would look real cute if you made it look like the "cat in the hat" hat.


  6. Donna, I am late with my ooooh's and aaaah's because I don't get to the computer as often as I wish I could. Here you are, gritting your teeth and you didn't even know you were a designer. Very nice! I think it is wonderful that your husband reads your blogs! But I think these are way fancier than toilet paper ;o) I'm crocheting dishcloths and hotpads fast and furious for Christmas gifts, but I never thought about coasters. I really love the colors in those coasters. What yarn did you use?

  7. Kathleen, The pastel is a variegated yarn from Hobby Lobby...all cotton and I think the brand is Sugar & Cream. The Christmas colors I got from JoAnn's, I don't know who made it ~ the label is long gone. Thanks for the ooh's & aah's. Once I figured out I was doing the single crochet stitch wrong...the teeth gritting ended!

  8. Katherine crochets a good bit and I have not even thought of using them as coasters. You have the best ideas.
    These all look great..... ooooohhhh and aaaaahhh. I love those great memories.


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