Friday, December 10, 2010

I've been told to Blog

My children told me this morning that I needed to blog...

Our week has been very busy...

Sunday was Sunday School & Church at Grace, then lunch and Christmas gifts with Mom, followed by 2 performances of the Living Tree at Park Place and their dinner.  The girls danced beautifully and got many nice compliments from everyone.  Its really a blessing to be able to use ballet to glorify the Lord.  And I only cried during 1 of the performances instead of all 3!

Monday morning we got all the laundry going and straightened up the house.  It needed a bunch of junk put away.  And many piles taken care of.  After lunch we headed to Michaels and Hobby Lobby cause you just can't have too many craft supplies.

Tuesday morning, Mom decided it was time to head back to GA.  But first we feasted on scrambled eggs from our chickens and wheat toast from our bread.  Its quite a satisfying feeling to know where these things came from and under what conditions they were grown.  And its beats store bought all to pieces! I embroidered a set of towels for a wedding gift and 2 lace snowflakes with my emb. machine. The girls had ballet in the afternoon.  Tues. night Greg had a business meeting to go to.  I went to a blog party.  
My friend Marie invited the local bloggers over to make apple pie in a jar (the filling), feast on goodies we all brought and then visit.  But my coughing decided that talking was not a good thing and I left about 10:30.  Marie, Dawn, Betsy, Jennifer, & Stephanie (hope I didn't leave anyone out) sat in Rie's living room and talked till 1:20 am.  Even without coughing, I wouldn't have made it that late!

Wed., I decided a visit to the dr. was in order.  And I was diagnosed with...a cough (duh).  I got 2 prescriptions & orders to keep using the inhaler.  The cough med. is a little tiny round capsule called a Perle.  And it works.  The cough isn't completely gone, but its a lot better. I came home and started embroidering again on ornaments to use on our Christmas Cards.  After Will and I took the girls to Jazz class, he helped me at Kroger with the stuff on our list.  We took the easy was out for dinner and had Stouffers Lasagna.  The bible study and choir/drama practice.  We didn't leave there till 9.

Thursday was our Gingerbread House Making Party with our homeschool group.  It looked like Willy Wonka's candy factory had exploded and the candy landed on our tables.  24 adorable houses were constructed with lots of candy, loads of icing, an abundance of creativity, and fun & laughter.  I kept the leftover candy to freeze and pull out for next years gingerbread party.  Everyone helped clean up and set the chairs back up for Sunday School, which was a huge blessing to me.  Many, many thanks to Katie & Amy for making all our houses!  Last night we listened to some sermons on Sermon Audio and I downloaded a lot of embroidery designs off the internet.

So now its Friday...Katie is baking bread, Will is vacuuming all the leaves out of the pool, Amy has cleaned up puppy puddle spots on my bedroom carpet,  Amy & I rearranged some Christmas decorations, I've wrapped some gifts, and am embroidering some more ornaments.  Tonight, we have play practice for the performances at Grace this weekend.

I've got pictures to share when I can find the cord to download them off my camera.

I hope everyone has a blessed, happy Christmas season.


  1. The only other person at the blog party was Betsy. It was definitely a later-than-normal night, but oh, so worth it!

    Our gingerbread houses are now sitting on the hearth ... I just need to get some "snow" to put around them. I am so glad y'all came up with that idea ... lots of fun!

  2. You must have been typing your comment as I was editing the blog, I remembered that I had not listed Betsy! Glad you had fun yesterday! We did too!

  3. I hope you feel better soon. However, the cough hasn't slowed you down any. Ha Ha
    I hate I missed the blog party but with Ronnie in Michigan and one of my kids out of the house for a while that evening, I just needed to be home. I am so glad y'all had a good time.
    Well, have a great weekend. We will pick Ronnie up at the airport tonight at 11:15. I am so excited!!


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