Monday, December 13, 2010

Multitude Monday 721-745

721. 12 Days till Christmas

722.  Fudge

723.  Lights

724.  Truth

725. Communication

726.  Fellowship

727.  Sweet babies

728.  Christian friends

729.  Our Keepers at Home group

730.  the continued blessing of our new Homeschool Group

731.  convictions we should change somethings in our lives & celebrations

732.  my handsome "innkeeper"

733.  18 days till our cruise

734.  great phone calls from Allen (his 2nd job will continue after Christmas, and he is scheduled 5 days this week!)

735.  the news Allen wants to pursue a "trade" school either in construction or electric in the fall

736.  finishing gifts

737.  a tree with wrapped gifts underneath it

738.  surprises thought of

739.  My children giving

740.  smiling faces

741. an almost completed crocheted scarf

742.  my little friend KB who wants me to make her a scarf & bring it to her at Keepers today (she just told me last isn't happening for her!)

743.  puppies that will get their own kennels this week

744.  warm covers on these frigidly cold nights (in the 20's last night, high teens tonight)

745.  a crafty day with friends this week!

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