Monday, November 15, 2010

Multitude Monday 631-653

631. internet that works!

632. .37 a pound turkey sales

633. 4 eggs a day from our chickens

634. cooler daytime & nighttime temperatures

635. free daily downloads from

636. long, cozy weekdays at home

637. projects in the works

638. ideas for new projects

639. anticipation of Thanksgiving

640. visiting with friends online

641. the blessings of obeying the Lord

642. acknowledgment of how much more we have to learn

643. peace

644. love

645. joy

646. patience

647. kindness

648. goodness

649. self control

650. the 10 Commandments

651. relevance of the scriptures yesterday, today & tomorrow

652. Christian fellowship

653. mashed potatoes (Greg's always thankful for these! ~ he was reading this as I typed.)


  1. I was just talking to my Mama about those 37 cent/pound turkeys!

    I'm looking forward to Wednesday as well ... we always have great fellowship and we are expecting over 600 boxes that day, so we will be busy!

  2. We had mashed potatoes, too. Shelby usually makes them, these were my first in at least two years, maybe more. I really can't remember the last time.

    My darlin's said they were as good as hers!

    Stay warm and cozy and dry! Love you!


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