Tuesday, November 16, 2010



Outside my window... its sunny and cool, high should be 60 degrees today

I am thinking... about how blessed I am

I am thankful for... all my blessings from my Heavenly Father

From the learning rooms... We've got 3 days of school left for this week and 3 days next week before our December break (the advantage of starting the beginning of August)

From the kitchen... Chicken & Dumplings for dinner (we didn't do this last week, too much work to do for church dinner ~ we got pizza slices at Sam's)

I am wearing... denim skirt, t shirt, slip on tennies

I am creating... Christmas gifts!

I am reading... Joshua in the Bible, "What he must be if he wants to Marry my Daughter" by Voddie Bauchum

I am hoping... for a fun family time tonight when we go see "Oklahoma"

I am hearing...cars driving, fingers typing, children talking, puppies playing

Around the house... cleaning up puppy puddles, crafting, reading, spending time together

A few plans for the rest of the week... Oklahoma tonight, sewing, bible study, helping at Operation Christmas Child relay center, weekend with family

Pictures to share...

for all their sweetness and love, they certainly like to scrap with each other

"Chocolate Chip" or "Chip"

Our little princess "Licorice"
Quick tip for telling the puppies apart (other than the boy/girl things) Chip has brown front paws, Licorice has white front paws.

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  1. Aww...Chip and Licorice are adorable!!!

  2. Oh what sweetie, sweetie little puppies!

    Have fun on your CHRISTmas break. Sounds like you do what we did...we started school on the 1st Monday of August & then took the whole month of Dec off. Birthdays were also school holidays. :-)

    And thanks for praying! I hope these changes I "feel" coming are good, too! lol

    Blessings from Ohio...Kim<><

  3. Emma and her Mimi are going to Oklahoma tonight - you might see them! Have fun!

  4. Enjoyed your daybook! Your puppies are so CUTE :)

  5. Wow! they are soo cute!
    They look so different then when they were born! I hope I can see them soon before they get big! Love Emily!


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