Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Its Official!

After weeks of back and forth on our decisions...we have made it official!

Chip & Licorice are NOT for sale! 

We are keeping them!  Amy is ready to train them, her animal knowledge will come in very handy.

They love to scrap with each other & with Hershey, Skittles and Mack.  They are quite talented at untieing shoelaces.  They love to crawl under furniture and then whine till someone finds them (puppy hide and seek).  They play tug of war with some of Amy's old hairbands.  They trip over toys as they try to walk and hold a toy in their mouths.  There can be 5 toys on the floor and they want the same one (sounds like toddlers!)

Hershey will jump up in a chair to get away from the ruckus and they will try their hardest to jump up there...haven't made it yet but its not from lack of trying.  
They will be visiting Mr. Vet and getting fixed, when its time.  


  1. They sound like such fun to play with and that's great that they'll have a good home with you!

  2. congratulations on your growing family.

  3. Yep Sabrina, we really NEEDED 5 dogs...but they are sooooo cute and cuddly. Now to train them not to do their business in the house, not to fall in the pool in the backyard, and not to growl at each other all the time. Good thing Amy is up for the puppy training challenge!


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