Thursday, November 11, 2010


My, how time flies...2 weeks from today is Thanksgiving. We are looking forward to yummy turkey, dressing, gravy, sweet potatoes topped with marshmallows, green beans & rolls. It will just be Greg & I, James, Katie, Will and Amy. I am seriously thinking about just doing a turkey breast. We all prefer the white meat anyway. I'll see what the next 2 weeks Kroger ads hold for the sales.

Last night was our time to cook for the church dinner. We did a Steak, Potato, & Salad dinner for $4 a person. Then we had a hot dog/chip option for the children. This was a fundraiser for our youth group for summer activities. We had many compliments on the dinner, which are always nice to hear.

The holiday rush has already started. In 3 weeks is the Living christmas tree presentation for our former church. Greg is programming all the lights and the girls are dancing in one of the songs. The dining room table is covered with computer equipment for the programming. The girls are doing an extra rehearsal every week to get ready. Then the following weekend is the Christmas Choir & Drama at Grace Baptist Church. K, W. &A are singing in the choir and Greg is the Innkeeper in the drama.

Next week, the kids and I are volunteering at a Relay Center for Operation Christmas Child. This church is the collection point for the area and we are helping. Great ministry and wonderful opportunities for the children to give of their time and energy.

Amy is starting a "cottage industry" crocheting dishcloths. So today, we went to Michaels and Hobby Lobby and she bought yarn. Since I sent out an email 3 days ago announcing her business, she has gotten 4 orders! The girl is excited. She bought her yarn and is crocheting away. She's gotten 3 done this afternoon. I will post pictures and yarn colors, soon. She would love to get more orders.

Greg was off work today for Veterans Day, so we got to spend the day together. Sleeping late, then school and chores, then he took us out to eat Mexican for lunch. He and Will warmed a bench at Michaels while us girls shopped and then they dropped us off at Hobby Lobby while they went to have guytime at Lowe's. Once home, they got Greg's trailer finished and took a load of donations down to Goodwill.

Quiet night at home with grilled cheese sandwiches and soup for dinner.

Night everyone!


  1. Sounds like our kind of day. I love those days.
    Let me know about your Christmas program, we would love to come see!
    We have FBC Jackson on the calendar now.

  2. So glad y'all had a great, but busy, day. The best kind. We missed all of you at the Ag Museum. What weekend is the play?

  3. 1st weekend is Park Place, 2nd weekend is Grace, 3rd weekend is James 27th birthday, 4th weekend is christmas...5th weekend is the cruise!

  4. Wow, Donna! You aren't purple anymore. Blog looks great. You're so right -- time is flyin' so fast. It will be 2011 before we know it! ~Liz


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