Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Versatile Blogger Award

When I opened my comments this morning...I found that I had been awarded the "Versatile Blogger" Award. My new friend over at gave this to me. But I am sorry, but for the life of me, I can't find your first name anywhere. So anyway, I guess my blog posts of the last few weeks have been really versatile...puppies, fair projects, homeschooling, etc. Thanks for the award. (I am sorry this got posted a couple of days after I received it...we were finishing our fair projects and getting them turned in.)

Now I am supposed to tell you 7 things about myself, and pass it along to 15 other blogs I enjoy. Then I need to tell the folks that I awarded about it.

Here are the 7 things about me....

1. I don't just watch tv. I cross stitch, or smock, or cut coupons or something, I don't just sit. And I can keep up with whats going on with the tv at the same time (just ask Greg).

2. I LOVE homeschooling! These last 15 years have been "mostly" wonderful! The "mostly" is just being honest, sometimes its really hard work, but I wouldn't trade this lifestyle for anything.

3. I love to travel. Greg & I and the kids have been on some great adventures. And sometimes G & I get to have adventures without our those are special!

4. My drink of choice is Tea! I prefer sweet tea, no lemon. I do use Sun Crystals at home for my own tea but other than that its sweet.

5. I am looking forward to being a grandmother (one day). What fun! We would like this to happen AFTER we have a son in law or daughter in law...lets keep it in the right order!

6. Animals outnumber people at my house right now! We've got 5 dogs and 4 chickens to 3 kids and 2 parents. We also own 1 1/2 pigs that live at my oldest son's house. So our "family" consists of 2 parents, 7 children, 5 dogs, 4 chickens, and 1 1/2 pigs...what a combination!

7. I'm a Bible believing, Southern Baptist, transplanted Ga Peach living in Mississippi.

I would like to send this award onto....

Kim at

Marie at

Jennifer at

Stephanie at

Trixi at

Deanna at

Dawn at

Katie and Amy at

Robin at


  1. Thanks for thinking of me Donna! 1.5 pigs huh? We still have our four sugar gliders, one is sound asleep in my pocket right now- it's Skittles my most cuddly one!

  2. Robin, We co-own 3 pigs with my friend Marie and her yes we own 1 1/2 pigs! Donna

  3. Thanks, Donna! This is very nice considering that I have been rather absent from the blogging world lately ... I really need to find more time to blog!


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