Friday, October 1, 2010

We are READY for the State Fair!!!!!

I got this cross stitch pattern online last year for FREE...I love it! I can cross stitch and bless others with this wonderful "HIS NAME IS JESUS" picture! This one done in shades of purple (my favorite color) will live at my house after the fair!

The items pictured above are my fair entries.

They are
1. Sea Shell String Art
2. Plaid Tote with blue pockets
3. Flag pieced miniature Wall Hanging
4. Yellow Print Quilted Pillow
5. "Tea Pot" hand embroidered on a Tea Towel
6. John Deere Fabric quilted purse
7. Small Stenciled Apple Box
8. Punched & Painted pie tin
9. Crayon Wreath
10. Ice Cream 2 piece Ceramic Dish
11. JOY hand beaded ornament
12. Christmas Tree hand beaded ornament
13. Snowman hand beaded ornament
14. Nativity Needlepoint picture
15. Sea Shell Needlepoint picture
16. "His Name Is Jesus" cross stitch
17. Faith Family Friends Cross Stitch
18. Hand Smocked Baby Jumper
19. Hand Smocked Bishop Dress
20. Log Cabin Baby Quilt
21. Fall Print Novelty Tote

Plus...jars for the canning division
Green Beans
Dill Pickles
Sweet Pickle Relish
Peach Jam
Grape Jelly

Many thanks to my dear husband for helping with all the framing of our pictures so they are "fair ready". He helps us every year with this and we really appreciate it!


  1. Love the 'His name is Jesus' cross-stitch. That is beautiful. Can you show another picture of the crayon wreath. That sounds neat.
    I'm sure you will come out a winner.

  2. So purple is your favorite color, huh????? . . . . . . . . Such beautiful entries for the fair. I've missed the county fair over the last several years. Maybe next year. It would be such a normal thing to do in this crazy life I'm living now! Thanks for reminding me. ~Liz

  3. Best wishes! Everything looks so lovely!

  4. Everything looks beautiful! If I have not told you lately, you have a blessed talent with sewing and neddlework. It blesses me to know you!


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