Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Its Crunch Time!

I promised myself and my children that we weren't going to do this...but we are. Its crunch time for fair projects. They have to get finished by Friday for the turn in.

Will has to finish his pirate ship bird house. The ship is painted but the sails need more work. Its done now...looks great

Amy has to finish her quilted pillow (done), quilt her flag wall hanging (almost done) and bind her Candy Jar Quilt. And she needs to finish painting her "pumpkin" gourd for her fall holiday decoration.

Katie has to finish her quilted pillow (done) and bind her Candy Jar Quilt (almost done) . She needs to frame her quilling also (done).

I have to iron (done) and frame cross stitch pictures, frame my quilling (bought the frame), and frame my needlepoint picture. If time permits, I'll do the binding on my Log Cabin Quilt.

The girls have sewing this morning, so the pillows will get done and the bindings will be started. Amy's machine is having some technical issues, so mine is going to class.

So what happens if these aren't done by Friday?

Well, we still have plenty to enter. Whatever is not done, will go in next year. But since thats a whole year away, I am sure most will get done. Plus, this is the kids (& mine) Christmas money for gifts, so we want to enter as much as we can.

Greg took off a couple of days from work this week, so he is going to help Will get the birdhouse done. And he is going to help with the framing of all the pictures.

Tomorrow night and Friday morning will be spent labeling and tagging everything & filling out the entry forms for each of us. Then we will drop everything off.

I'll start taking pictures of stuff and get it on here...hopefully by Friday.

Its gonna be a fun couple of days!

Maybe next year will be calmer...but probably not!

Its 5:30 pm. Been working at our projects all day! While the girls were sewing, I got a smocked dress hemmed! Plus, we got math and language done, made and put Potato Soup in the crockpot, drove back and forth for dance and bought some picture frames. Now its dinner time and then church bible study! At least no one can say we just lay around all the time!


  1. No "maybes" about it - "probably not" - no, either.

    You meant to say - "for sure not!"

  2. I can't wait to see pictures. You will get it all done!!

  3. Good luck on getting all your projects finished on time. Actually, I will say a prayer for y'all. That's better.

  4. Prayers needed and appreciated! This would be a chore if it wasn't so much fun. Oh yeah, Sabrina, my needlepoint is the Nativity Kit you gave me for Christmas last year. It turned out really good! Thanks for the gift!

  5. I gave you The Versatile Blogger Award today. Check out my blog!


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