Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Voddie Bauchum & College Plus

Last night we all listened to a Webinar featuring Voddie Bauchum. He is a powerful speaker and not ashamed of the gospel. He tells it like it is which is very refreshing in todays world. Last night was supposed to be his message "Harvard or Heaven" which I was really looking forward to hearing. But instead it turned out to be an interview "based" on the message. I really would have preferred the message and then questions afterwards, but I wasn't in charge.

One comment he made at he beginning which really stuck with me was "as parents, we shouldn't be preparing them for college, we should be preparing them for heaven". What a refreshing standpoint.

He also repeatedly observed that
1. colleges don't care how long it takes for your child to graduate because the college makes more money the longer your child is a student there

2. There are many children in college who shouldn't be there and aren't mentally equipped for the challenge...thats why there are so many remedial classes for freshmen. They didn't learn it in high school and they aren't ready for college.

3. The goal of some of the professors is to erase any Christianity from your child and their life. They see this as a way to un-program all that you have taught and discipled your children through their first 18 years in your family.

4. Only 31% of college graduates are literate enough to read a textbook and have a discussion with you about it. So that means that 69% graduate and don't have a clue.

5. Its a very small percentage of students with Bachelors Degrees that actually work in the field they studied for. Most 4 year degrees are useless and not worth the paper they are printed on.

6. A growing number of employers are now requiring Masters Degrees for jobs because the Bachelors degree is useless.

7. The college freshmen and older are usually away from home for the first time and don't have going to class and making good grades as their goals. Their goals are more along the lines of partying, skipping class, staying up all night, etc.

8. Some people aren't cut out for college!!!!!! Pray and seek the Lord on your childs behafe and see what he has "wired" them for. There are many job markets open for laborers who want to learn a trade And they make really good money.

9. Just because everyone does it, doesn't mean you have to! Some students want to attend college to put off real life. They have it made with their parents supporting them as they "find" themselves. And they don't have any obligations to meet.

10. College is really expensive. College costs are rising even in this recession. People will cut costs in many different areas of their life but put their family in great debt to provide college. Many students graduate with huge student loan debt and then get a low paying job at the mall or a fast food restaurant. (I am ALL for students taking some responsibility for their tuition. I think they will be more inclined to attend class and pass, if they are paying at least part of the bill)

Overall, I think it was a great interview and got alot out of it. It strengthened our resolve that Katie is exactly where she needs to be. And we know where Will & Amy will be heading. We just don't know yet the hows and the whys and the whatfors, we have a couple of years for that.

If you would like to hear any Voddie Bauchum sermons, you can go to Sermon and listened. Just click on speakers on the left column, find his name and hit play. He has an incredible sermon on "How do we know the Bible is Real". I think there are 23 Voddie sermons on there for everyone to listen to. Also, he will be doing a "Faith & Family" conference in Southaven, Miss. Oct. 8 & 9 (we are going!) and he and Ken Ham will be the featured speakers the first weekend in May 2011 for the Georgia Home Educators Conference (going to that too).


  1. Donna, He is right on every point - and then some. The most important thing a parent can teach a child is to teach himself/herself. Teach them to read with pure phonics and give them good books, not textbooks, to read. . . . . My husband is a former seminary instructor and is now a part-time Bible college instructor. He would not take most of the teaching positions for which his education "qualifies" him because he would not think of teaching most of the courses he would be required to teach. . . . . . The 31% literate enough to read the textbook is a little high. Most cannot write the English language, either. . . . . . If Christian parents had any idea how much discrimination exists toward college professors who are Christian, they'd never send their children to state schools or the vast majority of private schools. Just because the college has a history as a Christian school doesn't mean that it is one now.

  2. Liz, He brought up Christian Colleges also. In most students, are only required to take one Bible course...either Old or New Testament. And a majority of Christian colleges use secular textbooks. So you are paying for a private college education and getting a secular, humanistic ed. at best for a whole lot more money!

  3. Hi,
    Thanks for posting the key ideas. Unfortunately I was not able to connect to the webinar. Did anyone record the webinar? I am living in Romania/Europe, we are 7-10 hrs ahead the US, and sometimes it is really difficult to connect to these webinars.
    Thanks and God bless!

  4. Lazar, Yes, it was recorded but they haven't said when it will be available. There was also a power point presentation with everything written down and that should be available also. If you get on Facebook, you can connect with College Plus that way and they will have the recording sometime!

    God Bless you Too!

  5. sounds like an interesting an thought provoking interview.


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