Tuesday, September 21, 2010


For today... Sunny, hot & humid...its still HOT in Miss., I think by 9-21, it should be cooling down just a little bit, but its still in the mid to upper 90's

I am thinking...of new fair projects that will not get done before the 10-1 turn in deadline. Don't know why they are rolling around in my head now. We will get a jump start on next year!

I am thankful for...crafting with my children, we can always find something to do. The words "I'm bored" don't escape their lips! If they accidentally do, the boredom busters are not fun...clean the bathroom, vacuum, clean the chicken coop, etc. They have come into the living room and said "I'm (quickly look my way)..........going to find something to do"!)

From the learning rooms...math & language, reading our next Biology chapter and answer worksheets, study the Plymouth plantation era for history

From the kitchen...taco's tonight for dinner...easy and yummy

I am wearing... purple t shirt, denim skort, slip on tennies, hair in a ponytail

I am creating...a Christ centered, calm home

I am going...to keep praying for family members that I don't believe really know Jesus as their Lord and Savior

I am reading..."The Makers Diet" by Jordan Rubin and Exodus in the Bible

I am hoping...that Hershey's puppies come soon!

I am hearing...the radio, dishes clinking in the kitchen, dogs getting fed

Around the house...finishing up projects for the State Fair

One of my favorite things...freedom to homeschool

A few things for the rest of the week...crafting, bible study, Voddie Bauchum Webinar tonight, schoolwork, my birthday!

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  1. Happy Birthday Week! Hope it is a great one!

  2. I like your list of boredom busters! My kids were never bored enough to vacuum!

    Tacos are one of my favorite quick and easy meals ... I usually have them on Wednesdays so that I can get to prayer meeting on time.

  3. I wish those puppies would hurry up and get here. I am excited to see them.

  4. I hope you are having an absolutely super birthday week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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