Thursday, September 23, 2010

Grand-puppies for my Birthday!

The puppies should have come between 9-20 and 9-26. So 9-23 is right in the middle...its also my birthday.

Hershey gave birth to 4 beautiful puppies. 3 Girls and 1 Boy. The first 2 little girls are frolicking in the fields of heaven ~ we don't know what happened. The girls named them Marshmallow (one was white) and M & M.

Then Chip was born (our nickname for chocolate chip) and he is gorgoeus. Then his little sister Licorice came. L was the only one we all witnessed from beginning to end. Licorice is beautiful, she has a white chest and the rest of her is black.

Quite an eventful start to our morning!

We've had an up close and personal biology lesson today. More info than I really wanted to know.

We ran them up to the vet to get checked out and everything is fine. I really wanted to get Hershey checked since 2 of the puppies didn't make it.

My dearest younger daughter has already turned her big, green puppy dog eyes to me and said "Mommy, we can't sell them, they're birthday puppies". I KNEW this would happen! Amy is a huge animal lover and she is turning Katie into one too. Animal Planet is their favorite channel ~ too bad there is so much wacko, evolution junk on it.


  1. congrats on the new puppies ... they sure are cute!

  2. Happy, Happy, Birthday!!

    I love, love, love you!

    What beautiful babies, I'm so sorry about M&M and Marshmellow. I can just hear Amy now, and see Katie smiling behind her - quiet begging!

  3. Oh, they are so sweet. I am sorry about the first 2.
    Happy, Happy, Birthday!!!!!!

  4. What a great birthday present. Hershey really knows how to give a gift. Happy Birthday!


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